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Life Is About Living posted Mar 2, 2017


The other day I went for a run through the forest, as usual. However, on most days, I simply run to the edge of the forest and back. So the faster I run, the faster I return home. On this day, my thoughts were all over the place and I wanted to process them, and running has almost always been an effective way to help me do this.

So when I reached the field and the track at the edge of the forest, I just began to run around the track. I ran around and around, not keeping track of the number of laps. I ran until my legs started to ache and my feet started to blister.

And as I ran, my thoughts began to process themselves, and I realized several things.

It did not matter how fast I ran on this day because I was running in circles, so I wasn't going to get anywhere any faster except right back where I began. If I ran too fast, I'd just burn myself out and end up running slowly. If I ran slowly, I didn't get anywhere any less quickly.

If I was just going to keep running around the track, the only thing I could truly get any control over was my experience of the running. When I found my rhythm, I found my pace, I could just keep going, and breathing, and noticing the movements of my feet and my breath and the people around me and the clouds and the sun. And the experience became really positive, and I started to feel good and grateful.

And I realized that this is exactly like life. After all, I was only going to run back home, back to where I started, and run again tomorrow, in circles. Life is just running in circles. The only thing we can truly get control over is our experience of the running.

If life were about reaching some end goal, we'd all just kill ourselves to speed through the whole life part and get to the end. Rushing isn't going to get us anywhere any faster except right back where we started. Clearly, life is about living. It is about the journey and not the destination. It is about finding our rhythm and making the experience of it positive.

So if you're not enjoying the experience, consider this. You're just running in circles in laps around the track of life. It's unavoidable. So rather than making the experience negative for yourself by rushing somewhere to get to an experience when it's all about the experience in the first place, find your rhythm.

Be present. Be here. Be now. The experience is why you're here, the experience is what you can control. So make it what you want it to be. Not by rushing to results, which won't get you anywhere faster, but by learning to enjoy the journey and being in the experience you want right now. This is what life is all about. Life is about making every aspect of living into an experience worth being in--by being present to it, by being now.

If you'd like help making life an amazing and deeply fulfilling experience every step of the way, contact me for a free session now and we'll get you experiencing what you want here in each moment.

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Jonathan R. Wachtel

/ International inspirational life guide, author