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The Power of Goal Setting posted Jul 4, 2017


Goal setting is beginning of success.

The device you are currently using to read this blog started out as once as an idea. It then was made into a goal; to write the blog, and then, to post it online. Goal setting is a skill that enables anyone to tap into our innate ability to focus. It also allows us to make efficient use of our mental energy. By leveraging off of goal setting, one can accomplish great feats and also harness the Law of Attraction to their favor. Goal setting is a valuable skill to have.

The effectiveness of goal setting is based on a person's ability to focus on the task(s) at hand. By setting your goals, you allow your mind to begin the inner workings of planning, visualizing and thus attracting the desired outcome.

For an example, let’s look to the following:

Alex has a goal of producing an income of $100,000 by age 32. Alex is currently 30 with yearly salary of $40,000.

With this goal in mind, Alex now can begin focusing his energy on accomplishing this goal.

He knows he has 2 years to hit this goal.

So within 2 year time span, he can work towards to acquiring this goal. So what is the first step?

First, Alex writes down his goal on his medium of choice. In this example, let's say he writes his goals on phone and places it as his phone’s wallpaper so that he always sees his goals every time he uses his phone.

With the goal written down, this now frees up space in his mind to work towards the goal. This is VERY important; as human beings, we have a tendency to forget. Forgetting stems from our limited ability to hold information in our consciousness. Our minds can only hold so much info at once.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that states that "like attacks like." How this applies to human beings' interaction with this law is that human beings have the ability to create, focus, and act of their own thoughts. These thoughts also create imagery that reflects these thoughts. With the saying "like attracts like," this means that when a human focuses on with their thoughts, they attract the content of their thoughts.

The next step after writing your goal is brainstorm what can one do to reach their goal.

With Alex’s example in setting his goal of $100,000 in 2 years, Alex can brainstorm different ways to hit his goal.

Alex needs to make an extra $60,000 a year to reach $100,000. Alex decides that his options are either to get a new job or create a business.

Alex decides to create a business.

At this point, Alex continues to brainstorm until he created his plan of action to hit his goal. During this time, Alex is visualizing what he wants to do. Visualization is imagery in one’s mind that reflects the thoughts of a person. Visualization work in unison with the Law of Attraction because before you can attract anything to your life, it begins with the thoughts and images in your mind. By the leveraging of visualization, you make the Law of Attraction work in your favor.

The results from Alex's brainstorming are that he has decided to open up a cake business, he has about $10,000 saved in his spare accounts, so he is going use that to open up his cake business from home.

With this in mind, Alex has now set his goals. His goals are written down and he created his plan of action. Now, all he has to do is to work with the Law of Attraction.

By setting your goals and creating a plan, you allow the Law of Attraction to work for you. The plan you created acts as a focal point to attract the necessary resources one needs to reach their goals. By having your goals and plans in your mind, the Law of Attraction works off of those thoughts and imagery to bring that content into your life.

To conclude, the results of goal setting are that you are in control of acquiring whatever you desire. By setting your goals and creating the plan, you create the blueprint for the Law of Attraction to bring you everything you need to succeed. Goal setting breeds accomplishments!
If you want to learn more about to Goal Setting, Law of Attraction and or Visualization, contact me here.

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