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Will you choose Love and trust or fear and doubt? posted Mar 10, 2017


Whenever we choose fear and doubt over love and trust we are farther away from our power and authentic self.

Fear comes in many different forms, anger, prejudice, hate, dread, dismay, distress, terror, horror, alarm, and many others.

Doubt tends to look more like, conceit, bullying, depression, dishonesty,

When we act in fear, we cut ourselves off from the infinite, where all the answers are.  We become more particle than wave, and much more dense in our energy.  We become loud in our voices, or in our heads with thoughts swirling and spinning.   Our breath becomes labored, our face becomes red, our muscles become tense.    

Doubt has its own set of physiological responses, headache, muscle aches, sadness, to name a few.

We choose fear and doubt when we choose to believe in the circumstances of our lives and the atmosphere around us,  the economy, the environment, our financial situation, our ethnic background or education.  

When we understand that we are luminous light beings, having a human experience, and that we are able to connect with the infinite and attain answers, everything seems so much easier.   We become lights and much more wave than particle.   As that happens  the universe begins to open up to you and provide you with everything you desire.

Choosing love and trust means to let go of the fear and believe that you are supported and that everything that happens is for your highest good.   Although it might not be readily apparent, there is good in every situation.   There is nothing that happens through you, that isn't for you to learn from, and become more of who you really are!   

Choosing love, in the face of fear and doubt, takes courage and determination.   When we do, we become much greater than we ever were before.     

Understanding that, no one can ever do better than they can at any given moment, allows for compassion and empathy, all facets of love.  We are all the center of our own universe  and everything we experience is from our perception.  No one sees the same situation the same way.  Understanding that we all are entitled to our thoughts and opinions allows us to choose love even when we don't necessarily agree with another.  Acceptance is love and trust.   When we accept others for who they are, we allow them to be their most authentic self.

Choosing love and trust always puts us in touch with the infinite and allows us to be creative and at peace.

For more information and ways to practice these concepts  please message me.

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Andrea Nardozza

/ Intagrative Life Coach Reiki Pract.