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You Determine What Will Be posted Mar 10, 2017


“What has been does not have to determine what will be”.

We usually experience our world in the present moment, and then reflect on our experiences when they are in the past, and then figure out from these past experiences what might be, projecting our past into our future. We therefore project all of our uncertainties, doubts, and fears into our future and then try to avoid facing them by tuning ourselves out and forcing ourselves forward.

This is the order in which all things develop:

Existence --> Present --> Past --> Future --> Timeless Awareness

However, at any moment we can turn this reactive creation of our lives around by bringing awareness to the order in which we are actually creating our lives. We can imagine the future as though it’s already the past, and then live in this experience in the present.

This is the order by which we create all things:

Timeless Awareness --> Future --> Past --> Present --> Existence

In other words, if you want to create your life on purpose, fast forward in time in your mind to the end of the day or week or month or year or whenever, and imagine feeling everything you’d ideally like to be feeling at that time about any or every aspect of your life. Step into that experience and imagine how you would feel about all the time between now and then when you’re there, as though all the time up to then is already in the past and it already went really well.

This way your mind will come to believe that, this is simply the way it was. It is as though it already happened.

So now you have seen the end of the movie and know that everything turns out exactly as you would ideally want it to—that you feel everything then that you would want to feel about how everything happened. And so now you can experience the movie with this awareness—that it leads to a very happy ending—and the result is that this is the experience you’ll naturally and effortlessly create for yourself.

If you would like help creating your experience of life on purpose, contact me for a free session now and we will get started right away!

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Jonathan R. Wachtel

/ International inspirational life guide, author