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Your Internal GPS posted Mar 10, 2017


If you ever find yourself lost, directionless, or purposeless, or you’re simply not feeling good, remember:  You have your own internal GPS system, and whatever you focus on is the address you’re plugging in.

You can get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be in basically three steps:

1.  Focus on the experience you want to have.  Imagine feeling what you’d like to be feeling at the end of the day or week or month or year.

2.  Acknowledge any old destinations you’ve plugged into your GPS that are not on the way to your new one—any old experiences that arise in response to your trying to imagine your ideal experience.  In other words, address any thoughts, feelings, and desires that come up that are incompatible with the experience you’re aiming for and that make it difficult to imagine having this desired experience.  Do this by acknowledging that you made yourself feel those ways (since the world is simply a mirror of what’s going on in you) and letting yourself know how you’d like to make yourself feel instead going forward.  At this point, you’ll feel better.

3.  Act on the directions provided to you.  When something feels right, act on it.  This is when the world around you comes to reflect and support the new experience you’ve just stepped into.

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Jonathan R. Wachtel

/ International inspirational life guide, author