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How to take your life into your own hands posted Jul 24, 2017


There are so many coaches out there, they all start to seem the same.

You ask a question, and being experts, they tell you what to do, and it works: some of the time.

And you sit there feeling hopeless and sad like it’s never going to work saying: “But I’m doing exactly what she says! Why isn’t it working!?”

And you open the freezer, take that pint of Ben & Jerry’s or Haagan Daaz, or whatever frozen treat suits your fancy, and you eat the whole thing without even a second thought.

So why does that happen?

That happens because....

 they are not you.

They have good advice and they have their expertise.

But they are not you.

They don’t have the body type you have, or the lifestyle you have, or the problems you have, or the baggage you have, or the thoughts you have, or the habits you have.

They aren’t you.

So when they give you advice, it only half works because we are all humans and have similar biologies, but we don’t have the same experiences and goals and lives and situations we live in.

We are all different.

And that’s where I come in.

I take into account all of your background: where you come from and where you want to go.

I tune out what I would do and truly listen to what you want, desire, and need.

I search the knowledge base I have from my studies and experiences and only focus on what is best for you in that moment.

That means I do a lot more asking and a lot less telling.

And I get to know you and your life before making any decisions about how to change it.

I flip it on you: I make you the expert because you are the expert.

I have my experiences and I can share them with you, but I can only give you my opinion on what I think is best and you then take that information and decide whether or not that will fit in your life.

The magic formula is when you take the expertise of others and mix it with your goals and desires and how you operate best to fast track you to success.

Because ultimately, it's your life. 

And it's your decision to make it what you want it to be.

Guidance and council is necessary and beneficial to your overall success, but the ultimate goal is that you are able to live your life without the help of a coach forever.

I am simply your GPS, navigating you to your destination, but you are in the driver's seat making the turns, and you can change the route whenever you see fit.


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