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Getting From Impossible To Actual posted Mar 14, 2017


How can you create an experience for yourself that you’ve never had before?  How can you get from nothing to something, from darkness to light, from impossible to actual?

How can you get from never having had a relationship that has lasted to having one that lasts?  How can you get from never having had a job that has been fulfilling and made you a substantial income to having such a job?  How can you get from not having had a body that you’re proud of to having such a body?  How can you get from not having had the kinds of friendships that you’ve wanted to having such friendships?  How can you get from never having had the living situation you’ve wanted to having such a living situation?

As long as something seems impossible to us, it will be, so how can we make something that seems impossible to us into something that seems possible to us?

The answer to all of these questions begins with imagination.  Imagination allows us to make possible that which has seemed impossible to us, and once we create the possibility for something—once we see it as possible—we can make it actual.

1) Imagine

The first step is to use your imagination to fast forward in time.  Go to a time when what hasn’t happened up to now but that you would like to have happen could have already happened.  If it has already happened, how would you feel?  What would you be thinking?  What would your life be like?  Focus primarily on the emotional experience of it and come up with a whole bunch of feelings that you would be experiencing so that you can make this scenario real for you emotionally.

2) Make It Familiar

Repeat this imagining every day for at least a couple of minutes so you can make this experience familiar and real for you—as familiar and real as the experiences you’ve focused on daily and had as your reality up until now.

3) Address And Redirect

Next, address any old experiences that come up that are incompatible with these new experiences and that make it difficult to believe in the reality of these new experiences.  Do this by acknowledging that they have come from you, ultimately, for all experiences do.  What we think and feel can only be supported by the world around us, not created by it.  So respond as you would want someone else to respond to you if he or she had made you feel these things—respond to yourself with an apology and a redirection for how you would like to make yourself feel instead going forward, so that you can get fully aligned with the new experiences you’ve been imagining and focusing on.

4) Act On What Feels Right

As the positive imagined experiences become more real and realistic for you—when they begin to seem possible—ask yourself what it would feel right to do from this place.  Present options to yourself as you come up with them.  How would you feel afterward if you did this?  How would you feel afterward if you did that?  Whatever feels good, act on it.  If anything feels bad, do not act on it, but instead come up with an alternative and ask yourself how you would feel afterward if you did that.

5) Appreciate And Encourage

Focus on everything that is in the right direction—everything that you accomplish, everything that happens, no matter how small it might seem.  You do not climb the Everest before you in one giant leap; you climb it in many small steps, one step at a time.  If you focus on what hasn’t happened yet and on how far you have to go, you’ll discourage yourself and keep your goals in the realm of impossibility.  But if you focus on what has already happened and on how far you’ve come, and you appreciate every step, you will encourage yourself and keep yourself motivated all the way through to the last step that allows you to reach the peak of your aims and step into their actuality.

If you’d like help making the impossible actual in any or every area of your life, contact me for a free session now and we’ll make your desired experiences possible and then we’ll make them your reality.

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Jonathan R. Wachtel

/ International inspirational life guide, author