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Being a Person of increase posted Aug 8, 2017


Last week we began to build our awareness in Abundance.

  1. Writing a Vision of Abundance - When you get definite with the Universe, the Universe gets definite with you.

What was YOUR experience? -:)

2. Defying the Trance of Scarcity - through commitment and persistence.

3. Distinguishing Truth from Fact - We don't deny the facts, but we deny the power of the facts to determine our future.

4. Changing your perspective - as you continue to focus on the larger truth of the Universe.

5. Committing to Your Abundance - Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back.

Last week I invited to consider...

How would you live, what would you do, what places would you go, how would you spend time if money were not a consideration? What were some things that came to mind for you?

Once we begin to clear our thinking and open up, what is natural for us is to live in a free-flowing stream of abundance.

Teaching point - When you are in harmony with the abundance of the Universe, the Universe finds a way to demonstrate itself for you.

2. Activating the Law of Circulation Through Tithing

a. If you want to live in the fresh, green-growing edges of your own spiritual growth, and you make an agreement to live and play full-out with Spirit, Spirit will play full-out with you.

b.This is your opportunity to play on a bigger field of abundance.

c. You have to be willing to create the condition in which that bigger field can present itself. Tithing is one of the ways you do that.

d. Tithing puts you in harmony with the frequency of abundance.

e. Tithing is a percentage of giving.

f. Tithe no matter what your income,

g. Yo can start with smaller percentage but10% is where the real flow happens.

** If you are not at 10%, commit to giving progressively more and more.

**This kick starts the circulation of good.

** When you get to 10%, it's as if you got an updraft of a jet stream; you hit the center of the current.

h. Give to an organization that feeds you spiritually and teaches others to be free.

** Liberating peoples' minds; teaching people how to think for themselves; teaching people how to live lives of freedom, authority, and difference-making.

Teaching Point - When you bless the people and things around you, you change the frequency you are holding, and the people and things around you respond differently to you. Take the good you have and bless it. This is the practice of GRATITUDE.

The energy of gratitude is in alignment with the energy of abundance.


Be a Tither

** I invite you to consider three ways in which you tithe your resources: Your time, your talent, and your treasure (money.) Spend some time in your workbook describing the ways you choose to tithe in each of these areas.

BE a Giver

**Write down some way in which you choose to give each day this week.

Circulate - Clear Out - Create Space

.What can you clear out in your environment, relationships, or finances this week?

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Felicia Lonobile

/ Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn