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5 Ways You're Driving Yourself Nuts and What to Do About It  posted Mar 16, 2017


You've had those days before. You know the ones...the days when you feel as though you've reached the end of your rope. You're frustrated, angry and ready to implode at the slightest provocation. Before you do, take a deep breath and read on to see if you just might be the one driving yourself nuts! 

1. Your desk is in total chaos and you can't find that important piece of paper.

   What is the price you pay for chaos? Simply put, the stress caused by this lack of organization is reflected in stress-induced health issues, failure to reach your goals and a great deal of frustration. Sometimes, this cluttered lifestyle is just a way to avoid taking care of tasks that you fear of dislike. Alternatively, you may simply feel overwhelmed by the task of cleaning up the mess. Rather than tackling everything at once, try taking on a manageable piece of the task. Set a timer for 20 minutes and concentrate on one small area of your desk. For example, sort through one stack, deciding what to act on, file, toss or delegate. At the end of 20 minutes, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction over the small spot on the desk that is nice and clean. Do the same thing again tomorrow and beyond until you're happy with the result.  

2. You are busy, busy, busy and can't seem to get ahead.

   It's time to take a serious look at your day and find out where your time is going. Much like a dieter keeps a food journal, you should keep a time journal. Do this for even one day and you'll quickly see how your time gets filled with unimportant tasks. Then shift your perspective on planning your day. To live a life of joy and purpose, you must make a commitment to doing the things that move you closer to your goal. It sounds simple but if you look at your time journal, you may find that there are many time vampires on the list (and yes, e-mail can be one of them!) 

3.  You are trying to please everyone else but feel your own life lacks even simple pleasures. 

   One of my own coaches reminds me that "No" is a complete sentence. In other words, set some boundaries and invest in a little self-care by allowing time for your own interests. Pleasing others at the cost of your sanity is senseless. Conversely, you'll be a much better parent, teacher, entrepreneur, partner...if you take care of yourself too.

4.  You are fragmented, jumping from one opportunity or task to the next without ever finishing anything.

   This is sometimes referred to as the "shiny apple" syndrome. You never stick with anything long enough to get results. It's easier to jump from one thing to another than risk failing (or perhaps even succeeding) at any one project. STOP! It's time to get clear on what you want out of life. What divine vision or purpose gets you out of bed in the morning? And more importantly, why? If you're having difficulty getting clear about your life purpose or staying focused, a mentor or coach can be a great asset.

5. You think you have to do everything on your own just to prove you can do it. 

  One of the greatest business mentors of our time, Napoleon Hill, made it clear that being successful does not mean you have to possess all knowledge or be able to do something all  by yourself. In fact, that's a recipe for disaster. Know your strengths and ask for help in the areas where you are not as strong. In this way, you'll leverage your strengths and create a team with far greater potential for success.

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Donnita Parker

/ B.S. Coach and Mentor