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Feed Your Faith, Starve Your Fear! posted Aug 31, 2017


Summary of last Week -- Becoming a Conscious Manifestor

Each of us is a manifestor.

We don't get a choice about that. Our only choice is whether we will create by default, (our old pattern of thinking) or by design, (the vision we create for ourselves.)

Four basic stages of awareness are:

a. Life is happening TO me -- victimhood.

b. Life is happening by me - conscious manifestor.

c. Life is happening through me - from your authentic Self.

d. Life is happening AS me - You are one with Spirit.

Manifestation Power Tool -- "Up until now..."

Now that we are getting clear on what we want to manifest, you have to do your own work to keep doubt and fear from creeping in and dominating your thoughts. It isn't that you won't have a thought of doubt or have a thought of fear, but you want to learn to have your fear without your fear having you. Part of what you are developing here -- in order to manifest at a larger frequency -- is the ability to hold your vision, in spite of any fear or doubt that any attempt to creep in.

The truth is that you can have anything you are willing to BECOME. We become that by living inside our vision, as it is already so.

What if, by Shel Silverstein

This Shel Silverstein poem is an example of fear having us:

Last night, while I lay thinking here, somewhat ifs crawled inside my ear

And practiced and partied all night long

And sang their same old What if song:

What if I am dumb in school?

What if they have closed the swimming pool?

What if I get beat up?

What if there is poison in my cup?

What if I start to cry?

What if I get sick and die?

What if I flunk the test?

What if green hair grows on my chest?

What if nobody likes me?

What if a bolt of lightning strikes me?

What if I don't grow taller?

What if my head starts getting smaller?

What if the fish won't bite?

What if the wind tears up my kite?

What if they start a war?

What if my parents get divorced?

What if the bus is late?

What if my teeth don't grow in straight?

What if I tear my pants?

What if I never learn to dance?

Everything seems well, and then the nighttime what ifs strike again!

The Power of Emotion

  • The real power of manifestation lies not just in the image you create, but in the "feeling tone" that image generates; the emotion that is created.
  • This starts with having a very clear a vivid picture of what you would LOVE to create.
  • The image you have created in your conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg. All the rest of your mind, body, and emotions is at work aligning with those images.
  • This creates a magnetic field and by the law of Attraction, begins to attract people, circumstances, and situation for its fruition.
  • You have tremendous power to create what you want when you are focused on it, in harmony with it, and you keep yourself feeding your faith and starving your fear.


Treasure-Mapping your Life

Create a visual of the life you are manifesting (Vision Board). Cut out and paste pictures and words that represent what you are calling forth.

You can do this in your workbook, in a separate book like a journal, or on a poster board. Images evoke emotions. It is the emotion and feeling behind the images that really becomes the power magnet for manifestation.

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Felicia Lonobile

/ Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn