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Increasing In Manifestation posted Sep 11, 2017


Increasing Your Effectiveness in Manifestation

Today's topic is a discussion about something that will increase the effectiveness of your manifestation.

It's called Self-Efficacy Theory -- or Self - Effectiveness Theory -- There is some new research that's been done both at Standford and Penn State in this area about how you can really be effective in your manifestation. There are four things that I am going to suggest that you can put in place for yourself, that will take your manifestation power up an octave.

If you have these four things in your life, and if you have a very clear image and a coherent feeling, you will bring into your life that which you want.

Here are four things you can put into your life that will help build your faith and help you amplify your results.

  1. Role Models for Success

a. It is helpful to have proximate role models -- people close by who you can talk with and be encouraged by.

b. One person does not have to be your role model for every area.

  • **You can have separate people for different areas in life -- relationship, career, finances, etc.

c. You want role models that are demonstrating success in your mind. They are demonstrating the life you want to be living.

d. What you are building is the idea that success is assumed. You are moving from wishing for success to assuming success. "If they can do it, I can do it."

2. Verbal Supporters

  • People who will verbally support you in your dream.
  • Consciously choose and draw in people who verbally persuade you to think better, think higher, and think stronger.
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction Techniques.
    • Your body does not know the difference between positive and negative stress.
    • Too much stress is very, very dangerous.
    • Your breath is key and is always available. Breathing opens the flow.
  1. ** When you learn to breathe well, it will help you relax. It will help you tune into a stream of living water that rise up from the center of your being; of creativity, support, inspiration, ideas and answers. All of this is available because right where we are, God is.

d. Meditation and exercise also help relax your mind and move stress out of the body.

4. Mastery Experiences

a. "Wins" along the way -- give yourself wins.

b. Successive steps toward a desired goal (i.e. baby steps will take you all the way up Mount Everest).

c. The mastery is not in doing it perfectly, the mastery is in the showing up.


Self-Efficacy Techniques

Choose to support the manifestation of your vision by implementing at least one of the four self-effectiveness steps: role model, verbal persuasion partner, relaxation techniques, mastery experiences ...give yourself some wins.

Master Your Ideal Day

Your ideal life is simply a string of ideal days, all put together. This week write the elements of your "Ideal Day." What would it look like, what would you do for work, what would you eat, who would you hang out with, what would you do for fun, etc. Then pick one day this week on which you will create your ideal day. And have fun!

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