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Best Kettlebell Exercises for Rehab & Performance posted Sep 19, 2017

Hello everyone,

Attached is a link I worked on with a bunch of great Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy students. We each chose a kettlebell exercise and helped highlight its benefits to rehabilitation and performance.


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The use of kettlebell training has grown in popularity over the years and rightfully so.  The kettlebell is a unique piece of equipment found in many fitness gyms, Crossfit boxes, and now, rehabilitation facilities.  One key difference between the kettlebell, and the more traditional barbell or dumbbell, is the kettlebell is essentially “off-balanced,” because the mass of the kettlebell is not evenly distributed around its handle.  

This unique feature of the kettlebell makes it a great compliment to traditional barbell or dumbbell training and gives it a plethora of applications in a rehabilitation setting when used appropriately.  Check out this collection of kettlebell exercises by some of the top licensed professionals and up-and-coming students in the rehab professions!

11.  Pullover Progressions

This exercise can help many populations in the rehab and strength setting. For strength coaches, this can go in the warm-up or during the strength program as a filler exercise. This exercise teaches the client how to keep their pelvis and rib cage aligned which teaches proper overhead mechanics as well as challenging the anterior core to resist excessive extension.

For rehabilitation, this applies to getting someone to relearn and own the patterns of a squat as well as reaching overhead. Many times patients come to us with hip and shoulder pains that can be traced back to the pelvis. Many times patients lack the requisite ability to control the pelvis through a full ROM. With the breath sequencing, we maintain abs and a centered pelvis and thorax. This helps better place the person to be in a position to squat and reach overhead more effectively.

If you have questions on training or rehabilitation let me know,


Erik Krueger

Erik Krueger is currently a first year Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He has worked in physical preparation for the last 4 years and has an end goal of blending physical therapy with strength and conditioning to maximize the potential of all his patients and clients.

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Erik Krueger

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