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Gratitude is The Frequency of Manifestation... posted Sep 30, 2017


Four steps to increase your effectiveness in manifestation.

  1. Role Models - Find yourself a role model who is demonstrating the life you want to be living; one who is already successful in creating the life you want to create. Success becomes assumed; "if they can do it, I can do it."
  2. Verbal Supporters - Surround yourself with people who will verbally support you in your dream.
  3. Relaxation and stress reduction techniques - Use your breath, exercise, and meditation to move stress out of the body and invite relaxation in.
  4. Mastery Experiences - Give yourself wins. Acknowledge the baby steps. Mastery is not in doing it perfectly, the mastery is in the showing up.

The grateful mind is constantly fixed on the best, therefore it tends to become the best, it takes the form or character of the best, and will receive the best." Gratitude is a powerful component in Mastery Manifestation.

  1. Gratitude Frequency is Harmonious with Abundance

a. Your essence never changes, so you will never be more or less abundant than right now.

b. The gap between who we are in essence and whom we are in expressed experience has to do with our thinking and beliefs.

c. With gratitude, we become beacons for abundance.

  • ** We become beacons to everything that is harmonious with the wavelength we are tuned to.
  • **** Just like your television is tuned to the frequency on your remote control, so is your life tunes to the frequency you are holding.

2. If You Want Abundance Don't Go Looking for it, Come From It

    • You can have anything you are willing to become.
    • We know that if we put our money in high-interest bank accounts it will appreciate.
    • Put your thoughts in places that bear interest.

3. Two Types of Gratitude

a. Gratitude FOR...

  • ** The things we have - health, house, friends, job, partner
  • **Gratitude Jornal
  1. Keep a gratitude journal for 30 days.
  2. Write at least five things you are grateful for each morning.
  3. Review your list at night and add any others you like.

The Practice of Gratitude

The second type of gratitude was exemplified in the writing of the Apostel Paul. Paul was a student of the teaching of Jesus and because of that, he was tortured and put in a Roman prison. From the prison, which was a dark, dark, horrible disease-infested place; not anything like our prisons today he said, "I have learned this one thing at least. That in whatever condition I find myself, therein to be grateful." He did not say "therefore" to be grateful. It was very, very carefully constructed. He said "therein," because of what that does for him. When we let ourselves feel grateful IN all things and we create a generative gratitude, it changes us. It changes our awareness and it changes our experience.

4. Gratitude IN...

    • ALL things, regardless of our circumstances.
    • Whatever experience you are having, bless it.
    • This requires deeper and stronger spiritual skills.
    • Finding a gratitude partner can help you find the good in all situations and circumstances. I encourage you to find a gratitude partner.

Every one of us has something we want to manifest. It's in your vision statement, your dreams, and your goals. There is a frequency of thinking that opens up the capacity that is in you, by your nature, to create a life you want. The frequency is gratitude. It lifts you to a higher order. You can be the one who is in charge of your destiny, and the frequency that helps you guide that ship is gratified.


Implement the practice of gratitude

Each morning, write five things you are grateful for. Each evening, review the list and add to it if you would like.

Be a Person of gratitude

Consciously express gratitude to someone each day this week.

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