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When we take shortcuts today, we will pay the price tomorrow posted Oct 5, 2017


When we look for the shortcut, we often find ourselves spending more time, money, and energy. There are no shortcuts to success. When we are willing to sacrifice in the beginning, we will always pay the price in the end.

"If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do a job, wait until you hire an amateur." -- Red Adair

They myth of cutting corners to save money contributes to the demise of many entrepreneurs. We live in a credit card mindset society. How often have you heard, "It is just $10 per month" (for the next 30 years when interest is realized). Only $10 per month adds up when the interest is considered and multiple credit cards are used.

I recently discussed this concept with a friend. He asked me what brand of shoes I wear. I told him I wear Ecco's. He asked me how much. I responded with $150. He gasped as he responded with he would never pay that much for a pair of shoes. He proceeded to tell me he only pays $40 for a pair of shoes, as he told me he replaces them every 5 or 6 months. To compare with Ecco's, they last 4-5 years. Although he believes he is saving money, he is paying more than if he would invest in quality.

As entrepreneurs, we need to focus on what is going to be the return of investment for long term success. When we focus on expenses that will get us by, we will be scraping for resources. When we focus on investments to sustain long term growth, we will focus on our vision.

Key investments for long term success include:

1.  A Team of Trusted Advisors. The team in which you surround yourself are not just "YES" people and friends. They are trusted advisor who will propel you out of your comfort zone. Your trusted advisors not only keep you accountable to reach your goals, but bring strengths to complement your vision.

2.  A Team of Partners. The team you assemble to move your goal forward are assets. When they believe they are valued and are essential to the success of the vision, they will feel a part of the vision. Their loyalty will grow, their commitment will be unwavering, and their production will multiply. Invest in your team! Look for opportunities to give them more, not less. Find ways to instill growth in their mindset and they will invest in your vision.

3.  A Team of Clients. Be selective who you choose to serve, not just choose the first available. When we view our clients as people to serve and not targets, they will reciprocate. Find a team of clients who know your value, understand their need and you as the solution, and are willing to invest in their future.

When we invest in people of quality, the return on your investment will be much higher and measurable. What we believe about the people we serve and partner, will transcend into those around us. When we choose to invest in the people around us, we will achieve faster goals, higher visions, and greater influence.

Business Coach Bob Reish

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Bob Reish

/ Certified Business Coach