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Wonderland... Sales and Some Other Stuff posted Oct 10, 2017


You are sitting at Starbucks being told about how this new product or service is going to help you with your newly developed psychosis or problem that you didn't even realize you have. Suddenly someone interrupts the presentation! After a brief chat with the interruption you look back over at the presenter, they look a little annoyed, and you make the mental decision "I'm not going to buy." Lights, camera, action! The presentation is back on, but you’re less engaged and now you find yourself looking for an out. The presentation comes to an end and you tell this dedicated sales professional you are not interested. They thank you and ask you a simple question, “you were interested earlier, what’s changed?”

Powerful words… This was the case, but now it’s not, what changed. Well, this is the stuff I’m interested in. Before we dive into my curiosity and I disassemble anything, here is a little bit about my background. I am what we islanders commonly refer to as "a local boy born and raised" here in Hawaii. I grew up in Wai’anae and went to Aiea High School; trust me, for us locals that stuff matters. I started college as a sophomore in High School and upon graduation I went off to college at DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix Arizona, before they were bought out, and majored in computer engineering. Joined the Marine Corps after college and was based out of Camp Pendleton, CA. This is where I discovered NLP.

Have you ever watched a Marine execute orders? Marines are some of the most disciplined machines on earth. Under orders, Marines are insanely structured. Why? And what on earth does this have to do with NLP and that stupid sales situation you were just pretending to be in? Do not worry, we’ll get there. The Marine Corps uses a training method referred to as brain drain training. To keep it simple, they physically exhaust you to the point where the conscious mind can no longer resist. At the moment of zero resistance recruits are fed whatever new information and programming that is needed. Don’t believe me? As human beings if you were to hear gun fire in a crowded place or just absolute chaos, logic tells you to run away. Marines are trained to run towards those sounds. As a logical person, I wanted to understand why. If you still don't believe me, watch the Marine Corps recruiting video below. Within the first 15 seconds the narrator says "there are a few who run towards the sounds of chaos."

Marine Commercial - Running Toward Chaos

After my honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps I spent the past decade learning about why I feel the need to move towards chaos. Why Marines understand me but the vast majority of the world thinks I’m nuts. Why people do things without thought, without consideration, without conscious. All of it led me to NLP. NLP is an acronym for Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is a system of excellence. A system of influence. A system of control. A system of persuasion. NLP is why Marines run towards chaos. NLP is why that sales person has asked you “you were interested earlier, what’s changed?”

Think of people like a computer. Everyone has “this is how screwed up I am” version 2.0 software running. This is where they get their manners, behaviors, habits, etc. Think about it like this. People go to therapist and talk about how their best friend in high school slept with their boyfriend, only to discover that this was the pivotal moment in their life which is why they not only have commitment issues but why they also have trust issues. And as a result of the trauma and betrayal they turned to food and, now, they're doctor says they are morbidly obese and due to their eating disorder and they should start dieting but because they struggle to commit it only further validates the original trauma causing them to spiral even further. This one conversation could take years to finally have, if it ever is had at all, but until the conversation is had and the emotions and feelings behind it are dealt with, you get to run around with screw up ver. 2.0 running the show. NLP is a way to quickly upgrade the screw up software to the software you would prefer running.

Back to that sales situation, you were in it, you were lost in the presentation and you were considering buying, but something changed. When I teach salespeople to sell, we talk about identifying the need and filling it. The challenge is, how do you sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves? How do you sell a salesman? Simple. Convince them their life was incomplete without what you have to offer. No one wants to run around broken and incomplete and this is where the salesperson comes in. While you were in the sales presentation being sold, if the salesperson was worth their salt, they pulled at your heart strings. They touched on how your family would benefit, you would benefit, or your community would benefit etc. They tapped into your core programming, opened up the file in your screw up ver. 2.0 software, which says these are the things that matter and these are the things that do not, and used it against you.... 

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Michael W. Roura Puaatuua

/ NLP Master Trainer & Practitioner | Persuasionist