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Aging Well with Young Kids posted Nov 1, 2017


“You do Mommy! “ or “Lets play” are phrases I hear often throughout the day. With a nine year old and a two year old at home, I rarely sit down on the couch unless I am reading a book to my youngest. More often than not I am engaging them in some form of activity or enjoying the outdoors. As I age, now 44, I want to make sure that I am able to interact with them in many ways. I do not want there to be a time when I am not able to keep up with my kids. In order to stay active and age well it is important that I take care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally.

To take care of myself mentally I engage in activities that support brain health. There are several things that can be done to support brain health. One thing is to watch what you eat. Eat lots of vegetables, some fruit, nuts, seeds and some clean protein. Also include seafood and green tea in your diet. Eliminate sugar, bread, pasta, grains, dairy, soy, coffee and alcohol. A high quality multivitamin supplement will provide you with the necessary nutrients to keep your brain healthy and young. 45 minutes of walking, 4 times a week is another thing that can support brain health as you age. Exercise helps circulate the blood to your brain helping it function optimally. Strength training helps to reduce brain degeneration as you age. Becoming a lifelong learner promotes brain health as it helps activate different areas of your brain and creates new connections. Learning a language, a new dance, playing word games and meditation are all great ways to activate your brain.

To take care of myself physically I make sure my food is organic, minimally processed and free from pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and hormones as often as possible. I shop the perimeter of the grocery store and visit the farmers market when possible to buy fresh foods that are in season and organic. I avoid eating excess sugar and refined carbohydrates. My beverage of choice is water instead of soda and other sugary beverages. Running and resistance training is something I do regularly to stay in shape and minimize my body’s toxic burden. When home, I try not to sit too long, getting up to stretch or walk around often if I am working on the computer.

With the many challenges I face on a daily basis it is very important to find healthy ways to relieve stress and age well emotionally. Some ways to relieve stress are praying, journaling, getting fresh air, a work out, time with friends or yoga. I take time to unplug regularly and spend time with family and friends. I try to nurture my spirit by taking time to connect with God daily. Spending time praying and reading the Bible each day helps me maintain a healthy perspective. Take time daily to be grateful for all that you have.

It is important to incorporate different activities and habits into your daily life that will allow you to age well and enjoy a long, healthy and happy life.

If you would like help incorporating, activities and habits into your schedule contact me.

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Helen Granskog

/ Certified Wellness Coach and Author