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Experience the Shift into Freedom right Now posted Nov 2, 2017


Experience the Shift Now

      Freedom from worry, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, self-esteem issues, fear, and every form of emotional suffering comes about effortlessly as we awaken to who and what we truly are, underneath all our ego-based “stories” about who we “think” we are.

      Then we experience a happiness that depends on no “story,” event, or circumstance, but rather “shines on its own,” in the words of Jean Klein’s master.

      True, lasting happiness, in other words—the happiness that is our real, underlying nature.

      This book teaches a simple practice, based on the mantra, “Be the seeing…,” which shifts our awareness into the present moment, and allows us to see everything without any “story,” belief, or prejudice in the way.

      It effectively ends any suffering, at least in this moment. Best of all, it takes less than a minute, making it the perfect spiritual practice for busy people.  

      Let’s do it right now. Say the mantra, then breathe, get grounded in our body, and be very alert and present. Connect with our surroundings, then observe our inner reality—right here, and right now.

      Notice how our thoughts and “stories,” including this ego “self” we most personally identify with, just like our feelings and emotions, come and go, shift and change. And it has been doing this our whole life. However, “we,” as the pure awareness or presence that sees—that is reading these very words, in fact—are always here.

      If we’re emotionally triggered, we learn to open our hearts to ourselves, to welcome the upset because it’s showing us where “we,” as this ego “I” who has a “story”—a judgment, an opinion, an expectation, a fear, a resistance—about everything, are not yet free.

      Then we experience the emotion without creating any more “story” about it. We see that whatever triggered us came from our past and was real then, but is not real now. Only now—what’s happening in our current circumstances—is real.

      And the feeling of just being here in the present moment, grounded in our physical body with our mind empty and alert, free of any “story,” and our heart open, is simply the best feeling there is. When we really sink into it, it feels like we are breathing pure oxygen. It is at once cleansing, healing, and renewing. We literally flow in freedom.

      When we’re present like this, in the open-hearted, welcoming space, everything is seen anew—which is what it means to “be the seeing.” Moreover, we trust this moment totally.

      Then we can use the power of our mind, guided always by the wisdom and love in our heart, to create a new, happy outcome—and “story”—for our lives, one that will inspire others, and have a positive influence on the world around us…

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Jim Dreaver

/ Awakening to Inner Freedom Coach