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What are my (your) goals? posted Nov 3, 2017


On Monday, I decided to pursue a different workout program than I'm used to.  It's a deadlift every day program.  A large amount of this decision came with the goal that I've had for the last few years, which is to ultimately deadlift 500lbs.  This is not an impossible goal, but a difficult one. 

This is far from my singular goal.  It just happens to be my most easily measured goal.  If I'm able to pull over 500, then I could easily consider myself to be strong.  However, this would also only serve as a stepping stone to a heavier lift. 

Some other, and by far less measurable goals, are to be able to easily defend myself and my family in hand to hand combat.  While this may seem silly, it's important for me to be able to fight with any weapon, or weaponless.  I am of the belief that I am the weapon and that the "weapon" is only an extension of me.  This is why, if you see some of my live workout videos, that I devote so much time to boxing and other forms of combat. 

A third goal would be to become leaner.  This is not only a training goal, but a nutritional goal as well.  Training-wise, the deadlifting and boxing are doing well.  Additionally, I'm going ahead and doing a heavy bodyweight circuit for my upper body.  This is largely due to the beating my arms and shoulder take on a regular basis.  Combine what I'm doing as well as tuning up my diet, the leaner body should come.

None of what I want to accomplish is easy.  It requires my hard work, my dedication, and my ability to plan my workouts around my schedule.  Because I want to accomplish these things, I dedicate some time to the accomplishment of these goals. 

What are some of your goals?  Have you ever really thought of what you'd like to accomplish through exercise?  If you know your goals, why did you choose them?  These are questions that you should be asking youself before you decide you want or need to train.  Without goals, what is your purpose?  Take a few moments each day or each week and self-analyze your goals.  

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Martin Hubner

/ Fitness and Nutrition Coaching