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Letting Go Of The Past To Make Room For The Future posted Mar 28, 2017


We may want a lot of things in our lives, but we cannot get them unless and until we make room for them.  If we are holding onto beliefs, ideas, people, and things that are part of where we’re coming from but that don’t fit where we’re going, we’ll never be able to get where we’re going.

If you really want to get everything you want, it’s time to let go.

But how?

In order to let go of what’s holding us back, we want to recognize why we’re holding on in the first place.  Understanding why we’re holding on can help us recognize how we can let go.

Ultimately, as we pay attention to this, we’ll realize that every reason that we are holding on comes down to fear:

  • Fear of letting go of who you’ve known yourself to be and of what you’ve known your life and the world to be.
  • Fear of letting go of what you’ve had when you’re not confident that there will be new and better things coming in to replace it.
  • Fear of letting go of the familiar.
  • Fear of stepping into the unknown.

When we look over these fears and others you might think of, we can recognize that if we were more confident about the future we were stepping into—if it were more familiar, if we identified with it more than we did with the past, if we believed more that it will be much better than the past we’re letting go of to make room for it—then we would let go and go forward.

As long as we’re uncertain about what the future holds, we will cling to what we’ve known.

So the solution is to make the future real and familiar—to make it feel certain.

How can I do this?” you ask.

By fast forwarding in time in your mind and imagining that it’s already six months, or a year, or three years, or five years, or whenever, from now and you already let go and moved forward and you’re already experiencing the amazing results of this.  Imagine what you’d be feeling at that time.  Start with just the feelings.  You can use specific events, people, etc. to help you stir up and step into the feelings but, ultimately, it’s the feelings that matter, because the feelings will guide you to the events, people, etc. that will actually support you in feeling these things—what you want to be feeling.  And it might not be any of what you think in terms of specifics, but you will feel what you want to feel if you step into these feelings now and do what feels right from this place, letting these feelings guide you in your decision-making and your actions.

If you allow your feelings in reaction to the present and the past guide you, it will be impossible to let go successfully, without force, and in a way that lasts, of what you have experienced up to now.  But if you imagine what it would feel like already to have made changes, and you step into these feelings every day, they will become more and more real, more and more familiar, and they will become who you are and how you define and identify yourself.  This is the path toward having letting go become easy and smooth—a natural and comfortable process, requiring no force at all.  For you simply move forward, and it doesn’t feel right to hold on anymore as you do so.

If you’d like help letting go, contact me for a free session now and we’ll get you creating for yourself the experiences you really want, making a desirable future known, familiar, and comfortable so you can step into it and easily let go of anything that doesn’t fit living in your ideal reality in each and every moment.

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Jonathan R. Wachtel

/ International inspirational life guide, author