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Take The Leap posted Mar 3, 2017


I lay down on my bed and listened to squirrels chase each other on the roof of the building. And I wondered how the squirrels got there, and how they could possibly get down. I was in an apartment building, and there were no trees immediately next to the building, and the fire escape didn't go all the way to the ground on either side unless you were heavy enough to pull down the ladder.

I saw a squirrel at least once before on my fire escape, and he just kept going up to the roof and down the fire escape because there was no obvious or easy way off.

It's not like the squirrels were just ending up on the roof or the fire escape and then stuck here forever, so somehow they were getting down. They weren't just scaling the vertical brick walls. So they must find somewhere where it is almost feasible to get down and then jump.

They must take a leap and try and trust that they'll be okay, or at least decide that it is worth the leap as compared to the alternative of being stuck on this building forever.

And I realized, this is what it's like for us when it comes to stepping into the unknown and growing. At some point, if we want to get off of the island of the familiar, where we would eventually die of thirst or starve emotionally, financially or otherwise, we must decide it's worth it to take a leap into the unknown and see ourselves ending up on the other side and trust that it will be okay.

Rather than continue to experience whatever you have experienced forever, with things ultimately unavoidably changing, but for the worse, as you are unwilling to change with it. However, you can make purposeful, intentional changes. If you make changes, it requires a leap of faith to believe that after these changes things will be better than what you've experienced before. Now you can wait until you're starving and absolutely need to change something or die. Or you can make a change while you still have your strength.

So be willing to take the leap. It's better than being stuck here forever. And in leap after leap, your life circumstances will evolve in a positive direction because you decided that it was worth it, and so it will be.

If you'd like help taking the leap, contact me for a free session now and we'll get your life evolving in the direction you want it to!

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Jonathan R. Wachtel

/ International inspirational life guide, author