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How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck posted Nov 10, 2017


Make an excel spreadsheet or a document or write on a piece of paper all your income and expenses. Constantly track every time money comes in or out on a monthly basis.

Expenses and should be of your income after taxes. If 90-100% of your income is going towards necessities, then you are living paycheck to paycheck. The problem is that you are not having money to save and invest. You will also have no money saved up for retirement. You need to either cut down on expenses or make more money to get to 50%.

Savings should be 10% of your income after taxes.  Work your way to have enough to cover 6 months to a year of living expenses as an emergency fund, so if you lose your job or your health and have no income coming in, you have back up money.

Investing should be 10% of your income after taxes. You can invest in stocks, businesses, options, real estate, etc. There are many options.

Education should be 10% of your income after taxes. Continue to grow and become more valuable by investing in yourself. Buy books to read, seminars to attend, programs learn, and  coaches to reach your goals and dreams.

Fun should be 10% of your income. This goes towards vacations, fun things to do, travel, new clothes, etc.

Give 10% of your income away to charity or poor people. This teaches you abundance and makes you feel good about yourself. It will enhance your happiness and wuality of life.

You can change these numbers a bit to reflect your income. This is general guideline for budgeting. If you do not have a lot of income, then try to start with atleast 2% in every area of 10%, but work your way up to 10% in the categories above when you can.

You want to put as much as possible in investing to get to financial freedom and a retirement fund. Investing is what makes you rich, not a salary. It also allows you to make money incase you lose your health, job, or need extra money. Make enough from investing and you can even quit your job. Aim for multiple sources of income to have real wealth.

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Dan Ludwick

/ Certified Life& Holistic Health& Wellness Coach