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Holiday Headaches……Let’s Say No! posted Nov 10, 2017


We say it every year — where did the time go? We are already past Halloween and now Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us…and Christmas is not far behind.

Do you find the holiday season — although fun and exciting  — a time of stress and busyness? Do you ever find yourself suffering from more migraines as a result of the added stress?  

Unfortunately, stress is one of the most prevalent migraines triggers there is. As the holiday season gets closer and closer, so our lives become more and more hectic. As you well know, stress is something migraine sufferers would rather avoid, but at this busy time of year, that is sometimes pretty impossible. But, as a migraine sufferer both of us need to find ways to deal with that stress so that the frequency and severity of migraine attacks can be lessened, and we can better enjoy this festive time of year. 

If you experience stress on a regular basis, the statistics show that you are one of the millions of people worldwide. Your body is actually designed to feel stress and react to it so that you are alert and ready to avoid danger. When stress persists though, the body begins to break down and sickness and headaches/migraines can occur.

To better understand stress, simply put…..stress is your reaction to any change that requires you to either respond or adjust. Basically, stress is the result of how you respond to stressful events. So, it’s important to know that you can control stress.

The most effective way to cope with stress is to identify the stressors in your life and then learn ways to reduce and manage your stress. If you do this, then you will find great benefits with migraine, headache relief.

What Causes Stress?

Causes of stress are different for each person, just as the way your body responds to that stress is unique to each individual. It can involve that requires you to adjust to a change in your life and/or environment. Your body reacts to these changes and circumstances with physical, mental, and emotional responses. 

Below is a list of a few of the common causes of stress:

  • A change of location
  • Money problems
  • Asking others for help
  • Taking responsibility for the situation
  • Expressing emotions that are distressing
  • Being assertive and not aggressive
  • Maintaining relationships that support you emotionally
  • Staying emotionally composed
  • Attempt to change the source of stress
  • Putting distance between yourself and the source of stress
  • Learning to relax
  • Eating and drinking sensibly
  • Exercising regularly 
  • Practice a healthy sense of self-esteem
  • Seek Help for Managing Stress

If you feel you just are getting nowhere managing your own stress, and you feel you are going down the same downward spiral over and over again, seek help.

I love working with people whose lives are busy, full of stress, headaches, migraines, fatigue, tension, etc. I can help you:

  • Learn to recognize your stress triggers
  • Decrease anxiety levels
  • Learn to cope with the demands of your daily life
  • Learn techniques to help you remain calm
  • Replace bad habits with good ones
  • Have a healthy self-esteem
  • Learn relaxation techniques that will help alleviate your stress
  • Recognize irrational fears
  • Learn preventative measures for migraines
  • Recognize your migraine triggers and how to avoid them
  • Learn techniques to incorporate into your daily life to minimize the migraine pain and prevent frequent occurrence

Sometimes it is hard to be sure of the exact cause of your stress. Keeping a journal of what’s going on in your life can be helpful. Besides using a journal, it also helps to know the warning signs of stress. These are important steps because when you can identify the warning signs, you can learn how your body responds to stress, so you can then take steps to reduce it.

Don’t let stress and migraines ruin what should be a happy and joyous holiday season. Learn to live free from stress and pain, and minimize and reduce your migraines. I would love to help you minimize and relieve some of your migraine symptoms and occurrences.

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Lynne Wadsworth

/ Board Certified Health Coach, University Professor, Author