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Disappointments are Life's Teacher posted Nov 10, 2017

girl in the storm

No one wants to be disappointed by others. We always have the desire that everything will work for our good but often times that is not the case. We set expectations that may be too high or low and end up getting disappointment.

The truth is that as long as there is something for us to learn in life, we will continue to get hurt and be disappointed. Disappointments are blessings in disguise, if only we take time to think through and see how they serve as life’s teacher.

Facing disappointments leaves us hurt and sometimes broken but if we shift our mindset and allow ourselves to view them as a source of growth (through pain), we will come to embrace them as stepping stones to learning a lot about ourselves and they may serve as a source for us to achieve great things in life. Ask yourself every time you experience disappointment, What is there for me to learn?” “How can this result in my growth?”

Give yourself a moment or two to process those thoughts. Write down anything that came up for you as you asked those questions. Do you observe anything different? Where there really lessons learned from each disappointment? I have had to do this exercise myself and this has resulted in a shift in mindset for me and I have come to realize that there are more things I can learn when I see disappointments as opportunities to grow and learn something new.

Think about it this way:

“The storm you face is your teacher.

The experience you gain is your lesson.

The life you make out of it all is your blessing.

Always remember, that the teacher teaches a lesson that becomes a blessing.

Embrace each storm and watch your life change as you utilize the lessons.

Your better days lie ahead of you. Just hold on!” – Kemi Sogunle ©2015, All Rights Reserved (Excerpt, “Being Single: A State for the Fragile Heart”)

Each disappointment can be a storm but we must let it teach us to gain the experience leading to a lesson learned. This will in turn result in a blessing as we gain knowledge to become wiser, stronger and a better version of us that God created. Life is after all about learning and growing. We do not stop learning until our time here on earth is up. Embrace each disappointment and let it serve as life’s best teacher.

Copyright ©2014 Kemi Sogunle. All Rights Reserved. This article was originally posted on Kemi Sogunle’s website.

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Kemi Sogunle

/ Life Transformation & Relationship Coach