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Physical Care for the Conscious Boomer posted Nov 11, 2017


How’s are you caring for your body? There are so many ways to do this—eating healthily, exercising often, and resting sufficiently. Nourishing our minds also affects our body’s condition—reading a good book, for example. Interacting with loved ones and participating in exciting activities are also good for you. And as much as I hate to say at our age we have to be more health conscious because this is true for every age, there is still a need for Boomers to be more conscientious about taking care of our bodies. Because admittedly, there are natural consequences to getting older. I once heard a 40-something-year-old, healthy male say that getting for him up in the morning and getting out of bed is like the dawn of man because the aches and pains he feel in his back as he attempts to finally walk erect. So there are some noticeably bodily changes.

Capital B-U-T a few ache and pains are not enough for healthy Boomers to just give up and move into slug-dom. There’s a nation campaign Go4Life that is aimed directly at encouraging Baby Boomers and their parents to become more active. According, the America’s doctor, Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin, there is need to get the growing population of elders moving, as only about 25% of Baby Boomers exercise and according to one study. The study also says that Boomers not only exercise less, they are overall not as healthy as older generations; and they are more likely to have diabetes and other chronic diseases. This is an interesting finding in that many have reported controlling and even “curing”  diabetes through exercising and changing their diets.

The Go4Life Partners’ mission is to get Boomers to make exercise apart of their daily lives, inviting the group to be proactive in their health care by making wellness a part of an active lifestyle. Go4Lifers are endeavoring to bring the program to communities across the country. According to one of the spokesmen, you are never too old to exercise. In fact the program was formed based on research that showed the value of exercise in the lives of the elderly.

Your first assignment then is to get moving. Of course, you’ll need to retire your Keds or Chucks and get a more supportive pair of sneakers designed for walking, maybe running if you’re body is up for the challenge. Then you need to end your game of Solitaire, call your Bridge, Bid whist, or Spades buddies and get them involved. Finally, you should begin warming your mom and/or dad up to the idea of walking at least twice a week. Of course, there are a number of common daily routines you can do to get more activity in your life such as parking farther from the entrance of malls and grocery stores, cleaning your own home, mowing your lawn, walking more briskly, or walking short distances instead of driving. Once moving becomes a habit, you’ll begin to feel the difference, which will be your motivation for keeping it going. Take a look at the link below for more information about the Go4Life initiative and then "keep it moving, Boomers!"

Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging,

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