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Boomers, Let's Get Physical and have some fun... posted Nov 11, 2017


...but let's make sure that the mind and the body agree

This should be a walk in the park, right? Who among you doesn't enjoy hanging out with friends, going to art galleries, wine tastings, or old school concerts? Of all the things that we’re inviting Boomers to do, inviting the group to have fun is not really necessary. Why? Because we live for the social and the more adventurous the better.

Rock climbing, skydiving, and swimming with dolphins are on the short list of booming activities. So, what can I say to the active boomer? I know—you’ve got to “know your limitations”

Now, I will be the first to say that there are no limits, only the sky! But, I want to invite you to consider that while you don’t look your “age,” your body is not the same body that use to party all night; get up for an 8 o’clock am class; kick it on the drag with friends, go back to class until 7:30 pm, study until midnight or one, go back to the drag until about 3 am then get up the next morning to be on time for an 8:30 am math tutoring. Your 50-something to 70-something year-old body is gravely depleted of the “forever young” human growth hormone of your all-nighter-yester-self. Need I remind you that testosterone and estrogen levels are significantly lower in more ways than you want me to list. My point then is made—you may be able to do all of the things you use to do; but let’s admit that the level at which you can do them has diminished.

So, let’s take a moment of silence, giving homage to the good ‘ol days.

Now, I’m not asking you to stop playing altogether; I’m asking you to slow down a bit be kind and listen to your body. Your body is always speaking to you, but you don’t always listen, instead you try to do what you mind says. Beware as the mind may write a check that the body can't cash. In other words, your mind will suggest that you can do things that your body will outright reject.

Quickly, allow me to give you a few ways that your mind and body disagree.

Mind: “I can do this, I’m athletic—I use to do 30 of these a minute every day when I was 19.

Body's Response: You know, you are athletic and we look good for 60-something, and I’m with you on this. But, consider this: When we rise every morning we have aches that we didn’t have when we were 19.

Mind: Let’s run a marathon, I use to run 26 miles every day in college. I don’t need to train just to run.

Body's Response: Yes, let run a marathon, but I suggest we do more research on how to train for it; and if you expect me to finish the race, you had better train me—and I don’t remember our running 26-miles a day back in the 70’s.

Mind: Did you see that 80-year-old doing side-planks on YouTube? I can get a 6-pack just like that.

Body's Response: Yes, I saw that video; and man, I’d love for us to see our abs again. Again, I’m with you but can we take this slow because the last time we started a workout we went from 0 to 100 way to quickly for me.

You get the picture. Your mind is that voice that knows that you don’t feel any differently than you felt when you were 6-years-old. As far as the Boomer’s mind is concerned, you have not aged, not really. But the body is the reasoning voice and often the victim of the mind’s antics.

The body is always speaking, but too often we don’t hear the body’s voice until we’re in a cast, a stint, a wheelchair, or under the knife. So, in order to balance your physical activity, you might want to hone in on the voice of your body, not that zealot-of-a-mind of yours that has you spending more time and money in recovery from injuries than you do enjoying fun activities. This is a word to the wise coming directly from the collective-boomer-body—take it slower.

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Dr. Debra LMFT (MT2416)

/ The Relationship Expert / LMFT