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Have you ever just wanted to quit?... The 3 keys to staying motivated in the midst of disappointment. posted Nov 20, 2017


"Expect Greatness, Assume Nothing." -- Bob Reish

When we expect greatness, we increase significance. When we assume responsibility, we inherit disappointment. We all experience moments of frustration and disappointment when others don't meet or exceed our expectations. We expect a level of responsibility and professionalism and when behavior does not measure up to the level we expect, we become frustrated and disappointed. Right now, you are either shaking your head YES! or you are thinking of that person who did not measure up.

Are we expecting greatness or assuming unrealistic expectations?

When we approach a new day, a new project, or a new opportunity, we have expectations. We need to expect greatness not assume what someone or something else will do. We are disappointed and frustrated because we often assume greatness. Assumptions are expectation without clarity, communication, and consistency. Often, we are quick to transfer blame and responsibility to someone else when the reality we assumed expectations that were unrealistic. Expecting greatness in others starts with you. When you quit assuming your expectations are clear, communicated, and consistent with others, you lower your disappointed and frustration.

There are 3 steps in creating realistic expectations:

1.  Create clarity with what you expect. Before you move forward, understand your goals. Understand your goals as if they have been completed.

2.  Intentionally communicate what you expect. Don't assume everyone understand your vision. Create the picture you expect them to see. Describe your expectation to the understanding of a 4th grader. This will allow others to understand as well as ensure you understand every detail to eliminate misunderstanding.

3.  Remain Consistent with what you expect. It is important we don't lose sight of what we expect. Disciplined thought, decisive actions, and determined focus will create a mindset of achievement. When others understand what you expect, they will rise to their expectations.

The responsibility is not for others to understand what you expect, it is your responsibility to be clear about what you expect, communicate what you expect, and be consistent in creating realistic expectations. Assumptions will always lead to confusion in others, realistic expectations provide the motivation to achieve greatness. Intentional leaders always strive to be significant by bringing out the best in others. When others are not rising to their expectations, we need to ask:

" What do I need to do to create a realistic expectation for others to achieve?"

Business Coach Bob Reish

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Bob Reish

/ Certified Business Coach