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Hey Boomers, Let’s have Some More Fun! posted Nov 26, 2017


Prepare yourselves, my friends, for this is one of those “Bucket List” motivational-type articles. First, let me say to those of you who are already checking off the “to do’s” on your list, right-on!

You know I’ve got questions, right? What is it that you’ve always wanted to do, big or small, but didn’t think you’d ever be able to do? Now, don’t be a smart-ass, and list something that is impossible (I think) like court someone who has died. I’m talking about things you dreamt of doing but never took the time to do. Or, things that you would have done but the resources were not there, or your children or your job required too much of you.

While I jabber on, allow yourself to wonder what you would really love to do. Here are a few examples:

  1. Hitch-hike from New York to California during the winter
  2. Drag race with your hero driver
  3. Get the training to become a Sous Chef
  4. Learn to Tango and dance with the stars
  5. Ski on all of the major slops in the world

Please know that your “List” does not have to extravagant. So, your list may look something like this:

  1. Take my mom or dad to the land of their ancestry
  2. Plant a community garden
  3. Get your high school diploma
  4. Learn to fly a plane or
  5. Achieve six-pack abs

Now for the motivational part of our program. There are a number of reason why we don’t even attempt to live our dreams. I won’t list them because I don’t want to give any more life to what we think can’t happen by typing them here. We all have them. My invitation to you is that you think about any goal that you have ever accomplished and felt a sense of achievement about once you were done. You smile, look back at your process, then at that thing and you say with excitement: “Man I did that!” Or, you marvel at the feat and say, “wow, I did that.” So, it does not matter how you say it, the end is the same, you did it.

Have you ever considered that it doesn’t take any more work, or faith, or courage, or intention to do any one of these things? What I’m saying is that it takes no more faith to plant a garden than it does to become a Sous Chef. Simply put: Faith is no respecter of dreams. Faith does not care or is not judging the size of your desire. All it knows is that you want something, so it “conspires” to help you get it, period.

So, if you think it’s about time, money, or resources, then think again. It is about intentionality. Here comes a question: Do you want to check off everything on your list? If your answer is “Yes,” then here’s what you do:

  1. Write the list
  2. Make a vision board with the list and pictures of the activities on it—or just hold it in your consciousness
  3. Share with only those who you know will share your excitement
  4. Visualize yourself living your dream
  5. When things begin to happen, just go with the flow
  6. Just go with the flow (you know why I’m repeating this—so go with the flow)

Now, prepare yourselves to live your dreams, journaling every moment of your experiences (if you’re the journaling type). If you are not the journaling type be sure to take lots of photos. With the photos, you’ll be able to re-live your dreams over and over again. Now, all that’s left for you to do is go with the flow because it ain’t over until the Boomer is done having fun.

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Dr. Debra LMFT (MT2416)

/ The Relationship Expert / LMFT