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I Am In A Funk Today ! posted Mar 6, 2017


When I hear "I am in a funk today!" or I say: "I am in a funk today!" I often wonder what this means.
According to the internet, the word funk is a noun meaning a state of depression. Other definitions, would include to avoid a task or thing out of fear. According to another internet source, a funk is a strong offensive smell originating from a French dialect to give off smoke. Here is yet another definition, funk is a cowering fear; state of great fright or terror. Finally, I have learned that funk means a dejected mood originating form a Dutch dialect.
My conclusion, we really don't know what the true meaning and context of the word funk means. We however still hear this word to describe the state of mind we are experiencing. When we feel this way, it is important to know the source of the mood. What causes us to be in the mood we are experiencing?

I believe the origin of the phrase stems from what we say to ourselves. Our self-talk or thoughts can be extremely effective in creating what we believe our day will be. What we say to ourselves, will create beliefs and feelings. Our emotions will react to what we believe or feel about everything. When we submit to our beliefs and feelings, we will always take action. We will create, move, or act in a way that reflects what we believe and feel. Our actions will always result in a successful outcome. This outcome will be negative or positive based on the source of what we believe, our self-talk and thoughts. How do we change this mindset?

How we organize our day is very important. We need to be driven by our goals and direction. The night before the next day, if we take 10 minutes and organize the next day, it will reap great dividends. Organize the things that need to be done in four categories.:

a. Things that need to be done immediately. These are high priority.
b. Things that are important, but needs to be done by the end of the day
c. Things that would be nice to complete. If there is not time, move to the next day.
d. Things that can be delegated. These are low priority. These things only get completed if a,b,c are completed.

When our day is driven by what needs to be done, it will not be driven by what we feel or believe about what the day is going to become.
We need to control the self-talk and thoughts that enter our mind. When we have negative self-talk and thoughts, we need to follow a four step process that will allow us to be in control of what we think:

1. Realize that the event is occurring.
2. Accept that the event is occurring.
3. Focus on what we can control.
4. Transform the negative emotion into positive momentum.

When we realize that event is occurring, we are aware of what is happening. We understand the situation. We don't have to like it, but we admit that the event is occurring. Accepting that the event is occurring, we realize the situation is not in our control. We don't assume responsibility for it. We need to focus on what we can control. There are only three things we can control:

1. Our Attitude
2. Our Schedule
3. Our Activity

When we focus on what we control and not focus on what we can’t change, we will be able to transform our negative emotion into positive momentum. This is a powerful tool in intentionally controlling our self-talk and thoughts, enabling us to control our day and not allow ourselves to go into a "funk".

Business Coach Bob Reish

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Bob Reish

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