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What Would You Love? posted Apr 3, 2017


What kind of life would you really love living?

The first step in this process is generating more capacity to live a wealthy life.

I'm hoping you're looking forward to our daily sessions together, to these 2 to 3 mins coaching sessions.

Where you give me the privilege of mentoring you for a period of time, which might actually help think your way differently into the day.

So, let's work with some of Napoleon Hill foundations for living a wealthy life.

It is good that you should want a wealthy life. Yes...wealthy in everything that really matters.

Wealthy #1 having peace of mind.

Feeling good inside your own skin.

Wealthy in abundant and robust health.

Wealthy in relationships that have meaning, purpose and love the relationships that you've experienced and given to in your life.

Wealthy that you could go where you want to go what you want to do, have what you want to have and even more importantly give what you want to give.

So the first step in generating a wealthy life starts with knowing what you really want.

Most people have that question trained out of them they don't really think about what they really want, they think about what do they think they could create?

What is their education? or their background or their training or the current economy tell them they could create.

But not you?....You're investing this time to ask yourself some different questions because different questions will begin to lead you to different thinking.

Today as we begin with the number one principle of living a wealthy life and all its possibilities, start with the word "DESIRE!"

You should want a life wealthy in Health & Well-Being, Vocation, Love & Relationships and Time & Money Freedom.

Today stay in this question...If I could live a life I really love living what is that life?

Stay in a larger question..."And what else?..What else?..What else? And take some notes because there is a message coming to you of a life that is yours it has your name on it.

Asking yourself different questions will lead to a different way of thinking.

If you could live a life you really love living, what is that life?

You have to know what that is.

Have some fun today.

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Felicia Lonobile

/ Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn