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Are you Ready to Start the New Year with Afresh... posted Jan 10, 2018


... and create amazing relationships in your life?

I would love to share some tips with you on how to create successful relationships in your life, and how to enter onto the path of having a romantic relationship come into your life. It’s very common to focus on your relationships with others, but did you know that your relationship with yourself is creating the foundation of your relationships with others? Your relationship with yourself is the basis of all the relationships you have in your life. That’s pretty powerful, right? That means you have more power then you could have ever imagined over the relationships you have in your life!

You have inside you an entity that brings you everything you focus on in your life, otherwise known as your personal GPS. It is made up of your thoughts, feelings, instincts, and desires. You and your GPS create all your experiences in the world, your relationships in your life are based on the relationship that you have with your GPS. So if you are ready to create successful relationships in your life, the first step is to create a relationship with your GPS as your best friend/soulmate.

How to get dating partners that you want to date in your life!

Do you feel like you don’t have any good dating prospects in your life? Are you ready to totally shift your views? First of all, these thoughts are just your beliefs. They are not true, this is something you have picked up over time, it’s a thought that you have been thinking over and over again and it eventually becomes part of your belief system. Now, these beliefs are creating the way you view the world. What would happen if you created new beliefs? When you create new beliefs to support you in your life, you will see a different reflection in the world around you. So why not re-write your beliefs? Tell a new story of your life, and then the world around you will change to reflect your new beliefs. In terms of finding good dating partners, it first starts with you showing up as a good dating partner to your GPS. It’s your job in the relationship to give your GPS, the liking, interest, attraction, connection, conversations you would like to see reflected back at you. The first step to having someone in your life show up as someone you want to date is to become someone you would like to be in a relationship with yourself. Focus on the qualities you would like to have in a relationship with another person and start incorporating these qualities into your life!

The truth about how a romantic relationship comes into your life!

A relationship is brought into your life through your GPS. Your GPS is the one who directs you to someone in the world to show you everything they are feeling with you in the relationship that you have created with them. Your job is to focus on the type of relationship you would like to be in with another person and start building that relationship with yourself. Once you build a relationship with yourself that you feel confident and great in, you can be guided to the right event/place to meet the person your thoughts, feelings, instincts, and desires have chosen for you. You have the power to create everything you experience with another person in a relationship because you are creating the experience with your GPS. Here are some helpful tips to get you started on building an ideal relationship with yourself right now. How would you like to feel in terms of the company you keep yourself in? How do want to be feeling about the types conversations you have? How do you want to be feeling in an ideal relationship with another person? What types of qualities are you looking for in a relationship? You can get ahead right now by answering these questions! Congratulations! You are one step closer to having an ideal relationship come into in your life!

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Kaila Grossman

/ Inspirational Life Guide, Certified Life coach