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Christmas-Time to Create New Traditions posted Jan 25, 2018


Things have changed. They “ain’t” what they used to be. Sound familiar to you? The good days were good and now they are old, so why do we torment ourselves with what was instead of celebrating what is? Christmas is “the most wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day of the year.” But, it’s so wonderful because we make it that way. 
I know things have changed, the feeling you have inside is good, but somehow not as good as it was in nineteen-forty, fifty, or sixty-something. Of course, you have a list of “use-tas” from what things cost to the joy of the day. And now all you’re left with are the memories of the “good ‘ol days.”
Well, I say it’s time to make some new memories; create some new traditions. But you can’t do that until you give the old ones a proper send-off. Your turn to think. What do you think will be proper goodbye for Christmases of yesteryear? Don’t misunderstand, you can keep your memories, but you will no longer allow the old memories to rob you of creating new ones. So you decide how you will best deal with the Christmases of old.
I have one possible suggestion: Make a video of your family sitting around the dinner table talking about each one’s best Christmas ever, explaining why that Christmas was so good. Then you can formally document and archive the production. But you think of a way that will work for you and/or your family.
Alright, the rest of our time on this subject will be for those who are ready to live in the “now” of this Christmas season. Are you ready to feel this holiday time as deeply as possible? Are you ready to notice the joy that is filling the air you breathe this December and January?
Then do this:
1)    Make a list of things that you enjoy that you have NEVER done at Christmastime—then do them
2)    Do something out of the box with your decoration, like paint a Christmas mural on the dining room wall. Of course, you may paint over it every year and paint a new one. If you want it to look polished and you don’t have an artist in the family then get a one of those “Painting with a twist” artist to come over and direct the family.
3)    If you live in a tropical area—buy a snow machine, a fireplace, and other wintery props and create a winter wonderland by your pool
4)    Take a trip and spend Christmas Day in place that is cold this time of year
5)    Take a Christmas excursion with 2 or 3 other families with children the same age(s) as yours

6)    Whatever you decide to do take your movie camera with you and document your new traditions

The possibilities of Christmastime “now” are endless. So, begin now making new memories and feeling the feelings of Christmastime present.

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Dr. Debra LMFT (MT2416)

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