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6 powerful ways to build up your confidence posted Feb 7, 2018


Self-Confidence is an essential contributor to success in almost every aspect of our lives. Also, Self-Confidence is attractive. people with high self-confidence are mostly admired by others and motivate and inspire confidence in others. In contrast low-self confident people usually do not receive respect and admiration from others, which is not surprising. Think about it, If you do not believe in yourself, how do expect others to respect you.

The good news is that Self- Confidence can be learned.

Here are six steps to Self-Confidence:

1- Pay attention to your Posture, walk with purpose

Your posture communicates a lot of information about you. Make sure your posture tells people you are confident and in charge!

2- keep up your personal hygiene, make eye contact and smile.

Hygiene is playing a dominant role in keeping your personality at heights. Our eyes are the unique human parts of each of us. By making eye contact, we will gain more likability, trustworthiness and improve the quality of our encounter. And, with your smile, not only you make the person you are interacting with more at ease, but also, smiling reduces the stress hormones in the brain and makes you feel more relaxed.

3- Have an awareness of your strength and achievements in life.

Make a list of your strengths and things that you like about yourself. work on your strength for more improvements and celebrate every single of your achievements, even if you think of them as a very small achievement; celebrating them boosts your confidence and motivates you to take another step further.

4- Make a list of your goals, Plan ahead, work toward your goals and prepare yourself for upcoming opportunities to achieve your goals.

Think about each goal on your list as a job interview. How much would you prepare yourself, if you have an upcoming interview for the job you really like? So, prepare yourself for any goal you would like to achieve, you never know when the opportunity comes your way; and you do not want to miss it. Take control of every problem that comes your way by breaking it down into smaller problems, and work toward solving them one by one. Do not overcrowd your mind by trying to solve the big problem at once.

5-Accept compliments and perceive criticisms as learning opportunities.

When you receive a compliment from someone thank them and talk about it to your family and friends for self-reward. on the other hand, when you receive criticism, do not let it lower your self-confidence. Listen carefully to the criticism with the point of view that everyone in this world sees things differently, and the criticism you are receiving is an opportunity to understand someone’s point of view and perception of the world around her/him. This way not only you will not become defensive, but also, you might learn something new and worthwhile.

6- Exercise Every day.

Doing exercise regularly elevates your mood, keep your mind in a positive state and makes you feel good about yourself.

Saloomeh Nakh Saz, LMFT

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Saloomeh Saz

/ Psychotherapist / LMFT