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"If Only My House was Located at the Airport." posted Feb 10, 2018


AIRPORT LOVE. What is it about showing love at the airport? What is it about that curb at the airport? Why is it so easy to smile at the airport? How long do I have to be gone for you to miss me? How long does the trip need to last for you to not want me to leave? Isn’t it interesting how when your loved one is departing or arriving, you are not thinking about the last argument? You are not focused on if they took the trash out or not. You are not wondering if they cooked dinner tonight. You don’t even care if they took a shower or not. That damn curb. I wish I had one at my front door.

It’s crazy. The most affection is at the airport, and the tolerable anticipation and patience are at the airport. Being helpful does not seem like too much to ask at the airport. Being timely does not seem like too much to ask at the airport. Being kind is almost a given when grandma, or your boo, or an out-of-town business partner arrives. Yet, three hours later, reality sets in and you’re too tired or busy to show affection, your level of anticipation has dwindled, and of course, your patience is now running thin because of what?

Affection. Who have you dated that told you that they do not believe in PDA (Public Displays of Affection)? Now, take that same person to the curb of the airport and what happens. Exactly, it seems like even the most conservative person expresses affection in public. I mean, sometimes the best kisses are at the airport. The best “pick-me-ups” and “swing-me-arounds” are at the airport. Don’t forget the hugs. It is almost as if you do not want to let go.

Anticipation. The entire day, you wear the right cologne or get your car washed to make sure that everything is fine for when she gets in the car. But after six months of the relationship, she is cleaning up after you. What is about the airport? What is it that you are anticipating? Whatever it is, why does it have to die off in a long-term relationship?

Patience. How many times did you circle around the airport before she came out? How many minutes did you wait until he got his bags? Who does this? We all do. Now, if you are running late for the movies or “still getting dressed” or “on your way” but you have not left the house, your boyfriend is livid. But somehow when he is at the curb awaiting your arrival, he is as patient as a plum tree. (I have no idea how long it takes a plum to grow, but it seems like a long time).

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LaTasha Russell, Psy.D.

/ Relationships Expert