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Hear me out! Twelve-Reasons Why Women Should not Interrupt a Man While He is Speaking posted Feb 10, 2018


12. He picks his words carefully, unlike most women who process their thoughts aloud, men DO NOT. Let him pick the words that he wants to use. Be patient and value what comes out of his mouth. Honestly, don't you want him to feel valued?

11. Finishing his sentences can feel like you’re saying he’s not smart or articulate enough to put together a full thought on his own. I’m talking, subject and verb agreement. If the man that you are talking to cannot do it on his own, why are you talking to him, PERIOD? Just saying….

10. The truth is: His sisters did the same thing and it drove him crazy growing up. One of the things that men describe as being the worst is a woman’s nagging tongue. Now granite, (pause) women, what you are saying is probably meaningful. However, why don’t you wait until he is more receptive and listening?

9. If you derail his train of thought, he’ll lose track of what he was actually saying. No really. Some people say that men have a one-track mind. I think they are highly focused individuals and when they are interrupted, their focus is too. 

8. He might shut down and stop speaking altogether. Men, many times, do their processing before speaking. Trust me, ladies. This will be your worst nightmare if he withdraws from you completely and he will if he feels shuts down too many times throughout the same conversation. 

7. Men do single tasks well, so sharing his thoughts and listening to you is one task too many.

6. Interrupting him makes him feel inferior and if that is your motive, we have to check your “Daddy” issues. Don’t shut him out. If you do, you will have bigger problems ahead.

5. He will never feel heard and you have no idea how important this is to a man.

4. Listening shows respect. Interrupting does not.

3. Stay in your lane. I know the “Woman’s Movement” wouldn’t agree with me. But really…get back in your lane and stop always trying to overpower your man, your son, your dad, your brother, and your boss. We really talk too much sometimes.

2. When you interrupt him, it can remind him of his mother and I’m sure he does NOT want to sleep with her.

1. How about you actually don’t even know what he was saying because you were so busy interrupting him to tell him what he was saying. Stop assuming so much, ladies.

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LaTasha Russell, Psy.D.

/ Relationships Expert