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The narcissistic character posted Feb 12, 2018


Translated by google from Swedish to English, there might be some flaws. :) 

One should not make the mistake of merging eccentrics with narcissists. Narcissists, on the contrary, are often timid, discreet and silent people. In this way, they can "act in the hidden" and undisturbed sabotage, undermine, steal, intrigue, push people against each other, smear and destroy for their surroundings and closest relatives.
One should do as with trolls and vampires in general, highlight what they are doing and hang them high-they can not afford to be exposed to the light, then they burst and crawl back under the rock where they belong.
The easiest way to know that you are dealing with a truly evil person; is to study surroundings and relatives. Those who get the worst, whos pain are the biggest,  in a family or at a workplace e.t.c. are like fever thermometers that can point to the real problem - the narcissist.

On my self-made artwork, Le Narcissist, you see how a narcissist is working behand the facade, the mask that is showed to the world.

1. The great skull refers to their grandiose self-image and egocentration. They have an extremely large Ego and are extremely self-centered, thus all circles around the ME, which makes them extremely untouched individuals unable to take on an adult's responsibility. BUT, because they think so much about themselves, they think they are capable of mastery and are therefore attracted to power positions. (the story of the Emperor's new clothes - illustrates the dangers of placing narcissists in these positions.

2. The very area where the brain lives is extremely small, it looks like the little hat that fits the part of the skull where the brain is sitting. 

3. The big jaw with the sharp teeth symbolizes the narcissist's great self-esteem. They talk white and wide about their great words, but because most of them originate from the narcissist's wild imagination, it has little or nothing about reality. Therefore, the jaw is wider than the skull, it lives its own life. Because they are as omnipotent as they are and are so poorly anchored in reality, they have difficulty distinguishing between true, false, mine and yours, and they can repeat the words and stories of others as if they were their own. The songs are obvious to a narcissist.

4. Because they think themselves to be the most amazing creature that the earth has created and the top of the food chain - they are very competitive and envious. They hate people with real talent - but can in the next moment "steal" that talent and claim that it is theirs, hence the mass production of poor art and useless and ugly architecture - for example.
They are also in need of a admirer and are therefore very controlling and stressful in their demands for attention. Hence the straw sucking energy from fellow human beings who often finds that they are being robbed of their assets, ideas, and their reputation are destroyed by the envious, undeclared narcissists - whose personalities can be described as parasitizing, they parasitize in their surroundings - emptied of energy in process.

5. The sharp teeth symbolize their constant girls, their kind under the belt, their mentalities. You can never win in a discussion with an idiot with little skull and big jaw with sharp teeth, so do not get into that match. They have a plethora of madness on lick after that's what they're employing their little brains with - figuring out how to win over their surroundings. For this type of mainfoot all life is a contest and they are obvious winners in their ill-distorted imagination. You can not, therefore, have a relationship with a narcissist, you can forget about that. You are their competitor nothing else. You're sure to notice that. How life suddenly became a battle and a kind of marathon with the narcissistic individual. Yes, they are these eleven three-year-olds.

6. The mask the narcissist holds up is the face they show outward. Do not miss the narcissist to be stubborn and buffy. They do not have to be. It depends entirely on what mask they hold up to the outside world. On the contrary, the most unpleasant variety is both timid and withdrawn. Only the closest ones can see their real self - and so it's often difficult to believe the victims of that kind of narcissist. "No, but Ohhh !!! Those who are so treacherous" says the world that has not seen behind the mask.

,,,,,,,,to be continued.

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Deborah Englund

/ Coach for victims of narcissistic abuse