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Don't make these mistakes in the gym! - Part 1 posted Feb 12, 2018


      A major mistake made by a lot of gym-goers is following a workout program that has not been specifically designed for them. The problem with this type of program is that it has been designed for someone else and not specifically for you! Many of these workout plans have been designed for professional athletes who have been training for a number of years, who have a very specific goal. If you tried to copy these workouts you may find yourself becoming injured very quickly as you probably will not have the baseline level of fitness or exercise knowledge needed to execute the prescribed exercises. So you may be asking: If I can't just copy the pro's, where can I turn for advice based on my individual goals and needs?

      Any Health and Fitness professional who is worth hiring will start with an assessment session. In most commercial gyms these sessions are included with your membership. To make the most of this session its best to be prepared in advance! A couple of questions you should ask yourself to get started is:

  1. What are my specific health and fitness goals? 
  2. How many days can I commit to training per week on an on-going basis? (Remember sessions generally last between 30-60 minutes).
  3. When do I want to achieve my goals by? 
  4. How motivated am I on a 1 to 10 scale of achieving my goals?
  5. How long have I been trying to achieve these goals for? (If applicable)
  6. What has prevented me from achieving these goals in the past?
  7. What will life look like for me when I achieve my goals?

      During an assessment the trainer will cover the following topics: 

  • Exercise History (Your past experiences with health and fitness)
  • Medical History (Make sure your trainer knows and fully understands any issues you have run into in the past and your family history)
  • Lifestyle (Questions on Nutrition, Stress, Sleep, and habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption).
  • Taking Measurements and Setting Goals (Weight, height, BMI, resting heart rate, blood pressure, FMS and other body measurements determined on goals discussed).

      Once the professional has all the information he/she can then create a specific program for you based on your goals, individual needs and wants. The program will be designed with specific short-term and long-term goals to ensure that you are on track to hitting your agreed goals. Remember that for many of us it will take some time for us to reach our desired goals and it will not be uncommon to hit some sticking points along the journey. However, with some careful planning, these plateaus and roadblocks can be overcome.

Coach David

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David Manzalaoui

/ Nutrition, health and wellness coach