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Stop Suffering posted Feb 13, 2018


Thirty-five years ago, a mentor offered a radical idea: DECIDE the lifestyle you want, then BUILD a business that supports it.

It took me years to “get” this.

Like most people, I worked with the hope of one day having a certain quality of life. Even as an entrepreneur, I lived for the day when I didn’t have to work.

I made this deal with myself: suffer today, be happy tomorrow.

Truth is, it’s a bad trade.

Yes, success requires self-control and delaying gratification, but it doesn’t require suffering.

Suffering is a negative emotional state.

Suffering beats you down… eats you from the inside out.

Suffering is a disease.

“When you get tired of suffering, you stop.” – N’omi Smith Orr

I remember hearing those words the first time. Up until that point, I believed that suffering was something happening to me, something I had to endure on the road to success.


The only suffering God requires is suffering for righteousness, and He gives the GRACE to endure it.

The suffering I endured was far from righteous.

This is important: suffering is NOT the same as going through hard and difficult things in life. With the right mindset, you can walk through hell with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

Here’s what I’ve decided:

To suffer is to believe that God’s love for me has ended and that He has abandoned me and left me without hope.

That’s impossible,

So every time suffering comes knocking on my door, I RE-JO(Y)ICE, look for what’s possible and step into unstoppable faith.


Happiness is a way of looking at life that makes anything possible.

It’s NOT blissful ignorance, it’s very practical and powerful… and like all ways of thinking and being, it’s a muscle you’ve got to build up, but it’s worth whatever it takes.

So right now, DECIDE to be HAPPY.



No matter what.

3 KEYS to Stop Suffering Now

(1) Renew your mind.

Change the words you hear from yourself and others and you change your mind. Change your mind and you change your heart. Change your heart and you change your (behavior) life.

What are you hearing today?

Take control of your environment.

Eliminate negative noise.

ACTION: Youtube is filled with positive messages and music to motivate and inspire. Create a “playlist” for your future.

(2) Forgive.

Stop holding on to stuff.

There’s an exercise we do in our weekend seminars where I have people make a timeline of their life with the events where things changed.

Then I have them Re-Story the experience to find the hidden benefit and forgive themselves and others.

In a moment, it’s like a thousand pound weight drops off of them and they see life differently.

(3) Make progress daily.

I’ve learned that happiness comes from making progress (even baby steps) in something that truly matters to you.

Make room in your life for your future. Pick a meaningful project. Then make progress daily.

Remember, the juice is in the journey.

Your coach,

Ramon Williamson

P.S. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post. If you did find any value in this article, it would mean a lot to me if you would take a moment to let me and others know by voting this article up and sharing it in social media.


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Ramon Williamson

/ Life Coach