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❤️ Be my business boo? posted Feb 14, 2018


Success Today with Ramon Williamson
Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

I'm planning to start writing daily again next week, Monday, the 19th.

I've taken some time off to rethink my personal brand, positioning, and focus. It's been an eye-opening experience.

More about this next week.

Something I've thought about is how we as helpers and healers can live our deepest values while accomplishing our highest goals.

My #1 value is love.

But what is "love" in business?

There's this notion most people have about how to get ahead, especially in the corporate world: there's a certain way you think and behave.

You join the game.

You surrender "you" at the door.

You learn to be who you need to be to succeed. You try to figure out who to associate with and who to avoid.

It's "Survivor" in real life.

You do your best work hoping someone will see and reward your commitment––but you decide over time that the game is somehow rigged against you.

You start holding back, looking out for yourself because you think no one else will, and you keep your beliefs and your opinions to yourself.

You wait, watch and put in your time.

Then, when it's your turn, you step over the dead bodies to take your place at the head of the pack.

Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but there's a reason they call it a soul-sucking job. :)

Is it any different working independently as an entrepreneur?

I remember when the time came to begin homeschooling my first child.

I had this picture in my head of how it should be. We needed one of those uncomfortable little chairs, a chalk board and lots of "school" supplies.

Needless to say, I quickly learned that homeschooling was something entirely different, beyond my limited paradigm of learning.

The trouble with cutting your teeth as a conventional employee is that you're conditioned to believe and behave a certain way.

You've got this idea about how "business" should go.

Some of it's good, but a lot of it doesn't translate well to self-employment.

So you hang out your shingle and soon you're struggling –– trying to fit the square peg of "employment" into the round hole of "entrepreneurship."

It's like that scene in the Matrix where Neon takes the red pill and wakes up in a whole different world.

There's so much more to this... but let me stay with the original thought:

What is love in business?

According to my friend Tim Sanders, love in business is intellectually and selflessly sharing your "intangibles" to promote growth and success in others.

Your intangibles?

Every human being has 3 key assets:

(1) Your Knowlege

(2) Your Network

(3) Your Compassion

Unlike money or time, when you intellectually invest these three intangibles, they grow in supply.

When you give away knowledge, you get feedback and that makes you smarter.

When you intellectually connect people together for good and expect nothing in return, the size and
stature of your network explodes.

When you share your compassion, your desire and dream for others not to suffer and to find the success they
are looking for, you experience deeper levels of fulfillment.

Operating this way opens doors, builds your brand and creates respect.

It's a virtuous cycle, the more you give, the more they give.

Tim calls this being a "love cat."

But because I'm not particularly fond of cats over the age of 1, I'll call it being a "business boo." :)

Obviously, this is not how most people think or behave.

I encourage you to consider this idea of putting love at the center of everything you do in your life and work.

Bring the gift of knowledge to every conversation. Connect people who should meet to create opportunities and collaboration. Be a force for good, someone who genuinely cares.

Today, while love is in the air, ask yourself:

How can I intellectually love?

How can I be a "business boo"? :)

Love and respect,

Ramon Williamson

P.S. If you want love more, earn more, and make a bigger difference in the world, I can help.

CLICK HERE for a chat

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