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How to Enroll More Life Coaching Clients Online posted Feb 17, 2018

Of course, you want to enroll more life coaching clients.

But you don’t want to be a pushy salesperson.

The solution?

Setup a simple online system that brings you a steady stream of pre-sold clients interested in working with you as their coach.

I’ve used this system to enroll thousands of life coaching clients since 1999. 

I’ve also taught this method to dozens of private clients who use it successfully.

Here’s how it works:

The 3-Step Coaching Client System

You’ll need 3 things:

(a) a way to put a page online,
(b) an email autoresponder service, and
(c) an online calendar for scheduling.

The Web Page

Keep it simple. Use a landing page software or a page on your existing website. The key is to make opting-in the only option. 


The Email Autoresponder

Email Autoresponders make it simple to add a web form to your webpage to collect email addresses and automate email marketing communication.

The service I use and recommend is Aweber.

The secret is to create a series of “coaching” messages that guide people to (a) identify their goals, (b) clear obstacles, and (c) schedule an initial session with you.

The Online Calendar

Online calendars let people automatically schedule an appointment with you based on time slots you make available.

I use and recommend Calendly. It’s free to start and connects to your Google Calendar.

Simply block out the time slots in Calendly and add your link to the email inviting them to schedule their initial strategy session.

Want help to set up this entire system, start to finish? Email my assistant at support [at] She’ll set up everything for you and even write a 5-part email sequence based on what I do and teach –– all at a price that fits any budget.

Your coach,

Ramon Williamson

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