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Why Chat Owl posted Apr 18, 2018


Internet access has made our world a smaller community, which means that ChatOwl conuselors must be international in professional scope or citizens of the world that are capable of engaging people wherever they are,  from differing traditions,  and with a multitude of concerns.

With the ease of internet usage, accessibility of a diverse therapy and coaching team; and competitive cost-effective fees, ChatOwl is the premier online coaching/therapeutic platform. For ChatOwl is sincerely committed to being an online marketplace that is inclusive in its approach to providing life-transforming service and showcasing a diverse community of service providers. 


  • We understand the importance of providing clients with a variety of ways to enhance their lives and relationships.
  • We know that the relationship between us our clients is a sacred trust
  • We are intentional in our delivery of quality services, so we are careful to practice the same best practices and ethical principles as our practitioners
  • We are conscious of the intricacies of online therapy and coaching so we are careful to ensure safety and protection for all concerned.
  • We sincerely care for our practitioners and our clients so…
  • We are deliberate in our efforts to FIRST “DO NO HARM”

Changing the Standard, Raising the Bar

The ChatOwl experience mirrors the traditional pride and excellence of the “Made-in-America” standard of over delivery of product, goods, and services. We believe it’s our duty to nurture a personal trust with our clients before we can expect our clients to respond with a deeper, more intimate faith in us. So before there is an exchange funds, ChatOwl is distinct in the following ways: Intentionally diverse professional team,  Personal choice of therapist or coach; Free advice content—articles, questions and answers and responses to specific questions directly from you.

1. Diverse Professional Community

A culturally and therapeutically diverse coaching and therapy team. We a growing team of over 1000 therapists and coaches representing the major therapeutic discipline and educational traditions. With ChatOwl client may aska-psychiatrist or aska-personal coach; aska- clinical psychologist or a family therapist; or aska-clinical social worker or a business coach.  More important is that our therapeutic and coaching team is culturally diverse with American professionals from a range of ethnicities: African, Hispanic, White, Asian, Black, and neighboring Pacific Islanders, Canadians, and Texans—that’s a joke, as we know that Texas is a culture unto itself. ChatOwl practitioners are loud and proud, representing and serving members of the LGBTQIA community and the interests and needs of other less dominant or empowered communities such as the elderly. In short, is intentionally inclusive.

2. Freedom to Choose

You have the freedom to shop through our entire roster of therapists and coaches and choose for yourself the one or ones that you believe you can connect with. Like other important decisions, you want to decide for yourself who will best meet your needs. It’s easy: Go to the site, do a search, and read individual profiles. On the profile page, you will be able to read questions answered and articles written by the coach or therapist. If you want, you can ask him or her a question and get an example for how they might respond to a real, even fake, question. Bottom line is that you get to “interview” the therapist before any funds exchange hands. ChatOwl offers this free service because we are truly invested in providing the absolute best service for our clients.

3. Free Advice Content

Relevant content in the form of articles and questions and answers is written by our own therapists. Besides being FREE and accessible, ChatOwl’s content is both professional and personal. It’s professional in that our team members are educated (many with doctoral degrees and most with masters’ degrees). Of course, many are certified and/or licensed. Our team of professionals provides content based on their extensive knowledge and experiences as professors and private practitioners. So what you will read comes with an academic twist, yet from a very informal, day-to-day life place. Great stuff!

The unbelievable part of this feature is that you can ask any question you want and one or more of our therapists will respond directly to your question here on the site. It’s anonymous, so don’t add your name. We’ll respond on the site just in case others have the same question. This way, we can serve more clients at a time.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You have our word that our product is top tier so we offer you our 100% satisfaction guarantee because we know that that we have some the best therapists and coaches in the country. As, the ChatOwl, Relationship Manager, I am overjoyed to be affiliated with a group of professionals whose primary goal is to help clients live the lives of their dreams.  I know this as I have worked with many of them and they are simply and amazingly, caring and ethical group of professionals.  Now, you are reading this because you are looking for a mental health professional in whom you can trust. Trust me you have landed on the right page. All you have to do now is click below to find the one that will work for you.

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Dr. Debra LMFT (MT2416)

/ The Relationship Expert / LMFT