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What Are You Waiting For? What Is Your Purpose? posted May 8, 2018

What Is Your Purpose?

  1. Have you discovered your purpose?
  2. Do you have an inner depth urge?
  3. Not sure, what is happening...
  4. A reoccurring feeling...
  5. Do you find yourself wanting to look deeper but feel safer if you left it alone?
  6. Finding yourself in situations that you preffered you were not involved in?
  7. Do you find yourself waking up in the early hours of the morning again and again?
  8. Sometimes with insight or a glimpse?

“All this and more have happened to me over the past 18 Years of my life and I can say it has and is a wonderful journey of discovery”!

Discovering myself! A Unique Journey Experiencing the Beauty of True Transformation... Has not been an easy ride! I chose to follow suit with the signs and the calling I FELT from deep within. At 35, I discovered an old tape cassette recorded by father and mother when I was just 5 years old. I had a blood disorder called Thalassemia Major, which meant I needed regular blood transfusions every month from 7 months old. Doctors said my older brother and I were not to live longer than 16 Years Old... They gave that life span us. My father recorded that tape speaking out loud his thoughts and asking God that if we lived to that age even up to 18, he and my mother would be very happy parents. He spoke out on this cassette choking back the tears. As I stood listening to cassette tears came to my eyes as I was 35 years old and a mother of 2 awesome children... Wow I thought! What a gift that was to my parents. I went to the dinner table as the cassette played and I said to my father "THANK you for your prayers as I can see they worked both my brother and I are here today and we both have children I 2 and my brother 3, what a blessing that is." He responded, "Oh yes a sure blessing it is!"

My Dear mother decided to tell me a story I had no idea about. "Daughter" she says "After your brothers birth and us finding out the complications of living with the blood dissorder my family and your father saw fit to terminate my 3rd pregnancy just in case I had another child with blood disorder" "I had no choice over the matter and I was taken to hospital to have pregnancy terminated!" "I sat in the clinic crying and crying until the doctor took me in to examine me!"

He asked me kindly " why so many tears?" I took forever to reply to him as I was in deep despair and I finally replied, "I do not wish to terminate this pregnancy but all my family believe differently." The doctor responded! "Well let me tell you one thing my dear," "If you do not wish to terminate this pregnancy then I cannot do so." "So I will let your family members know and off you go"

My Mother carried on with great emotion as I sat there intensely listening to every word and not believing for one minute that this was all about me! "My dear daughter you can imagine the strength I needed to get up and walk out to face the family and especially your father!" "God gave me the strength and so I decided to keep you."

"Unfortunately though at the age of 7months you were diagnosed with Thalassemia Major" It was the hardest thing to hear a second time around" Ooooops! I thought... I had never never heard my mother tell this story... My feelings overwhelming I took her in my arms, kissed, and Thanked her for giving me the opportunity to live...To live as normal a life as I could under the circumstances...

I loved and respected my beautiful mother...But After that day I have never been the same with her again... I love and appreciate her and adore her more and more and more every time I think of that night when she built up the courage to tell me exactly how it was for her then back in 1970... I will be forever grateful to her...

I am Now 48 Years old with two wonderful teenagers! My life was never the same again... I then realized I was here for a reason... I had already received some signs back in 2000 at the age of 30 something but at the age of 35 I knew! I knew I had a bigger reason of being here! Alive and well and a fighter at that:

  • I connected with source and allowed for the awakening process.
  • A transformational process, which took place over a good 14 Years!
  • Now I'm 100% sure of my purpose and I am totally on track.
  • Keeping busy by raising constant awareness for volunteer blood donors to our young generation in Greece!
  • Inspirational speaking to crowds at school events and writing my books on my personal experiences with my blood dissorder!
  • I strongly believe we are all here for a reason!
  • Find Yours!
  • Find Your Purpose!
  • You will be glad you did!
  • In Trust and Faith
  • Your Destiny Awaits You!

Andrea Louca, I am here to help...

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Andrea Louca

/ Transformational/Life Purpose Coach