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Emotional Education posted Jun 1, 2018


Have you ever asked yourself why schools do not teach students as a part of their general education, how to handle their emotions? It seems that our feelings shape an essential part of our lives and relationships we have with others. So to neglect them would mean that we are sending many people into the world with a lack of knowledge. There are too many examples of people killing themselves or someone else, and I honestly wonder if schools had taken the time to do a basic class on emotional health if the outcomes would have been different.

On a personal note, it took me years to develop excellent emotional hygiene. It was not until well into my adulthood that the light-bulb finally went off and I had my "aha" moment. Therefore, I spend a lot of time helping others develop quick and easy ways to build their own healthy emotions. My friends, good emotional hygiene starts with self-awareness see my plan below:

Mama Sue’s four-step approach uses the acronym S.T.A.R, so it is easy to remember and refer back to for everyday use.


STOP relax, and take time to recognize and understand your emotions, think about what caused the feelings and ask yourself why.

TRANSFORM the way you think once you understand what caused your feelings. Take your new knowledge and develop behavioral methods to promote favorable emotions when faced with the same situations in the future.

AWAKEN and enlighten yourselves to the fact that painful feelings are a part of the human experience, and all humans must process emotions without prevention to begin a new journey or phase in their lives.

REFORM must take place now that you are awake. Out with the old behaviors of refusing to recognize and understand emotional distress and merely reacting to it, and in with the new ideas of identifying and understanding your emotions, transforming your thinking, and implementing well-developed behavioral methods to foster healthy feelings in the future.

Apply S.T.A.R when you are feeling fear, anger, sadness, stress, grief, loss, and a need to figure out your relationship concerns. Please call the advice line and ask Mama Sue if you need further assistance.

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Mama Sue

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