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Can A Commitment-Phobe Love You? posted Aug 23, 2018


A commitment-phobe has a way of making you feel like they’re too good to be true.

Commitment-phobes aren’t bad people; they just have a tough time loving someone else. Your loving them is not the problem, but it is returning that love that keeps the commitment-phobic person up all night. Many commitment-phobes do get married, but their marriages are a living hell. Getting married doesn’t resolve their commitment fears. It only masks them worse over time. You must learn how to speak the commitment-phobic language.

A commitment-phobe knows exactly what to say to get what they want. They know how to say things to make you weak in the knees. They always seem to touch your heart by saying the right words at the right moment. They can sell you anything and would make perfect salespeople. Commitment phobic people may tell you that no one understands them more than you, and you believe them. You end up loving their sense of humor and wittiness.; if only they would truly let you in their heart, but they are led by fear and confusion.

You have the ability to see the truth, but you could be blinded because you only want to see how amazing, loving, caring, respectful, and trustworthy your partner is.

Do you feel like you’re becoming a commitment-phobe because of the painful and unsuccessful relationships you’ve experienced? Anyone can become a commitment-phobe, but if you still desire to be in a committed relationship, you’re far from developing a commitment phobia. Commitment-phobes are unable to commit or be faithful in their relationships, and they have no desire to reverse that. Don’t believe that someone is safe to date just because they asked you out. Really get to know them before making any serious moves. I've written a few books on commitment-phobes, "Sabotage," so trust me when I tell you, I have their number.    

If you read Sabotage, you walk away with the understanding that your goals and dreams should remain private until you’re ready to share them. Anyone who interrogates you in an imposing way for that information while on a date has ulterior motives. You may have fallen for someone that smooth-talked you before, but you can prevent it from happening again by knowing what to look for.

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Antoinette Johanna Sparrow

/ Commitment Phobic Coaching