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The Language of Love posted Aug 27, 2018


Finding love is never easy, and once you have it, holding on to it becomes your life. And no, not everyone finds love or has love returned to them the way they give love. Loving someone is scary and overwhelming, but it also feels good to your soul. Having the right person is crucial to experiencing a love that is unspeakable as well as unbreakable.  Why do others doubt such a love exists? You know that it does exist because you experience it daily. Having a special kind of love is not just about the bond you both share, but a soul-tied connection, known as a twin flame, that can’t be questioned.

Love has a language of its own, and you learn how to speak it and understand its needs through the needs of your partner. But it can be overpowering and confusing if you’re not careful. The feeling of being lovers who’ve just met yesterday and falling in love is what one experiences when they are tied to the person they are meant to love in this world. Your relationship never gets old; no matter how long you’ve been together, you love forever. The love is fresh and new like yesterday’s love, and you dive into it daily. Having something so rare is amazing knowing that not everyone finds such love in life. What makes ones love strong? How do they get past difficulties in their relationship? They do so by not punishing their love for each other, but by dealing with the facts in their relationship and keeping their focus on hot spot issues that can break them apart.

Being able to allow your love to grow is one of the most important ingredients in love and unity. Two souls that are connected are so in every aspect of their lives together. Even if they wanted to part ways, they simply can’t. Something about the other person keeps them intrigued and forever glued to the other’s side. Their love for each other is always forgiving and understanding, which many people don’t understand. Twin flame love is the true love of a power couple. Yet many couples never speak about it. They are forever connected and intertwined in each other’s hearts. They are nothing or no one without the other. Doesn’t this mean that they need their partner to exist? Yes, they can’t see themselves without the love they have for their partner. It also says that somewhere in life they learn that their partner is part of their existence, and that they are happy to embrace and share their lives with each other.

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