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Achieving Balance..........How? posted Aug 28, 2018


For some reason there are two ways to have emotions, very big or none. Society tells us to keep calm and love all and then to hate with a passion. Why is there no in between? How about today we start to listen with our heads and feel with a mix of kindness and caring. There are many days that feeling not happy or not sad just don’t feel right and we can change that. There is a range of appropriate happy and just enough sadness to be able to express yourself in the way that you want. It also helps you to express and maintain the focus of accomplishing your goals. To ignore this process, like most do, creates these ups and downs which can be called the chaos loop. We understand gravity how what goes up must come down. Same thing happens with our emotions and level of awareness we have with our self. The top is called Elevated and the bottom is called defeated. It can be thought of as Hot and Cool. Usually when someone becomes Elevated, they think of themselves as perfection. Their reasoning changes and whatever was a “cost” is now indifferent. When someone is devastated, they are broken with sadness and anger. This person has felt loss and many challenges. No one wants to stay defeated and they remember how good they felt when they were elevated so they go back to that way of thinking. Never ending loop. If a person can recognize that they are ok and within the reasonable zone, then things will keep moving. Sooner than later the resentment catches up and you have gone past the point of just enough sad. There is always a moment that a person can shift their focus on what is happening that is more than them and life does not look as bad. No one has a perfect day but trying to keep that balance of who you are and where you are going will help you stay put. Focusing on the purpose you have every day will help push through whatever comes along whether that be a bad day with a boss or a child has gotten an award. Staying away from these big explosions of emotion will help keep you balance and your world still spinning.

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Carly Herbert

/ Therapist with Open Heart / LMFT