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Dogs and My Relationship... posted Oct 5, 2018

Things you learn from a dog:

  • Have a great attitude
  • Greet everyone with enthusiasm
  • Explore everything
  • Loyalty is a virtue
  • Protect those you love
  • Be yourself
  • Love unconditionally

I loved a picture I saw of a dog with a sign hanging from its mouth stating the above attributes. I loved it so I thought I'd share it. It reminded me not only of my dog, but of how I can think of my relationship with my husband.

Have a great attitude- I know in my heart that when he says something that hurts me, I assume good intent anyway. Something triggered him and it may well not have been me. He just took it out on me.

Greet everyone with enthusiasm- When I wake up in the morning and come home after work, I greet him with a kiss, a hug or another gesture of my gratitude for him.

Explore everything- I try things out on him to see if he likes it. I touch him a certain way I haven’t before. I surprise him with a small gift. I wear something I haven’t before.

Loyalty is a virtue- I think daily of my gratefulness for our marriage and being together. The two of us made a commitment and we constantly work to grow our relationship. I never take our relationship for granted, ever. I follow this definition of virtue and think daily of my relationship in this way: personal virtues are characteristics valued as promoting collective and individual greatness. He and I together experience greatness-- as two individual people with our own interests and needs, and as a collective in a partnership that exudes its own unique energy.

Protect those you love- I defend my husband when he’s confronted by others’ words or actions.

Be yourself- My relationship is built on trust that allows me the freedom to be my authentic self and express who I really am to him.

Love unconditionally- I accept my husband for who he is and who he isn’t. He is the way he is. He is doing the best he can in all areas of his life and I love that about him.

In what area of your life have you learned to live like a dog?

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Kimberly Riley

/ Midlife Transition and Relationship Coach