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It's All In The State of Mind posted Oct 7, 2018


 It all starts with passions and those things that make us feel alive. Our longings, our discontent, learning more about who we are, and our purpose in life. Precious moments, dreams or goals that make us want to jump out of bed every morning. It can be a sudden passion that leads you to the next wish fulfilled. Either way, these passions give us our life purpose.

Are you living life as your true, authentic self? Whoa! That is a loaded affirmation. What does that even mean? Well, being your true authentic self is a constant, ongoing event. With each passing day, we experience growth, and evolution, which means we always have the choice to listen to the still small voice inside, showing us who we are. Not whom we were taught to be, not even who we were expected to be, or whom we think we are supposed to be. Our life work is to find our way back to who we are at our core.

Life is always calling and nudging us to move forward despite our fears and doubts, easy right? Hardly. 
Fears and doubts can come up any time for any reason. It can keep us stuck indefinitely, and prevent us from returning to our authentic self, stop us from following our dreams and passions, or do the things we want to experience. Or, we can take a deep breath, assume that leap, and jump in anyways.
Life is scary, as hell. No one can ever say it isn’t. But if we are going to make the most out of this life, we are going to have to move past those fears, no matter how scared we are.

Your thoughts and belief are not the truth of who you are; it's an illusion, it's merely your paradigms holding you back from pursuing your dreams. Once you let go of the images, you are comfortably thinking and believing that to be your truth, up until now, that is, it will set you free.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. ~Albert Einstein

Living life AS you. What does it mean? I don’t expect you to be heartless, selfish and only think of yourself. No, what I mean is that this is your life. And you are the author of it. You get to decide what pleasing things you want to observe and feel. You get to decide what legacy you want to leave your family. 

When you take the time to listen to the still small voice, your gut, your intuition will show you the kind of life you desire, long, love, and life experiences you can be proud of accomplishing.  Whether that is hiking, traveling, having a successful career, finding your life partner, being a parent or a wandering nomad, this life is yours. And to truly live life to it's fullest you have to live it for you. No one else. 

Don’t make your life based on what other’s opinions are of you. They aren’t your business. Live in a way that you can proudly say to yourself every day “I am proud.

Mistakes, accomplishments, lessons, and learning every single day, (check/done) we will never get it done since we are ever evolving vibrational beings.

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Felicia Lonobile

/ Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn