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10 Ways to Create a Happier Life posted Oct 28, 2018


10 Ways to Create a Happier Life

More than 2000 years ago, Aristotle, one of the greatest thinkers in the history of western science and philosophy, introduced his theory of happiness before the world. The key question being, "What is the ultimate purpose of human existence?" This is still a very relevant question in today’s society. What do you think the ultimate goal of human existence is?

I was curious. Aristole really did pique my interest. So, I decided to take a poll! I posed Aristole’s very same question “What is the ultimate purpose of human existence?" to a group of 50 people. I was pretty surprised at some of the answers. It was very interesting to hear what is most important in people’s lives. The most repeated responses on the list, though, were love, happiness, money, and family (see the completed results at the end of the article). Aristole, himself answered happiness. He stated "Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence."

Who’s right? Those that said love? Or Maybe the ones that said family? Or perhaps, all of them?

Could it be that all of them are correct? As I listened to the different answers that were given to me by each of my poll members, I quickly realized that all the answers had one common theme. All of them were an object of happiness in that person’s life. All of the answers were a link in the COG of true happiness!

That being said, it would seem that being happy is comprised of numerous different components in our lives that come together to make us and those around us happier.

Below, is a list of 10 ways you can create a happier life!

  1. Be Thankful
    Take a few minutes out of each and every day to reflect on all the things you have to be thankful for. Take time to appreciate all of the many blessings that surround you and bring you comfort and joy. Maybe the little things that make your life easier on a daily basis. Think about the beauty that you are blessed to see as you go about your day. Be thankful for your life and your health and for that of your loved ones. Without even realizing it, we often take our basic needs for granted; a roof over our heads and plenty of food to eat. Appreciate the blessing you already have!
  2. Let by-gones be bye-gones
    Carrying around contempt and animosity is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Ask yourself what would it take to let go of the past. When you know what it is, imagine yourself doing that and take notice of how you feel when you let go of your anger for a little while. Let the anger go and focus on the positive.
  3. Stop Negative Thinking
    Turn your mind! When negative thoughts come to mind, be sure to notice them and then replace them with a positive, more productive thought. Removing negative conversations and negative people from your life are also very positive and powerful actions to take!
  4. Practice Kindness Do something nice for someone else, whether it's someone you know or a stranger. It will make you feel good and can lead to momentum of other inspiring actions and behaviors!
  5. Do What You Love
    Whatever your passion is make time to do it. You'll find that when you're doing what you love, you're filled with joy. How much better does that sound than forcing yourself do something you don't like?
  6. Focus on time instead of money Focusing on time allows for a different perspective of how we are living our lives. It allows us to see just how much time we are spending focusing on being happy and having a fulfilled life, in comparison to trading time for money in whatever capacity that may be. Practicing seeing life in this way, really does help us to appreciate how important life really is.
  7. Take Care of Your Health
    When you eat right, you feel better both physically and mentally. Add in a little consistent stress reducing exercise and you’re in an even better place. Top it off with adequate sleep and a few favorite rituals to help you feel your absolute best and you are there!
  8. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones
    There's no replacement for spending quality time with your loved ones. We're all social beings, even if we are introverted. It’s always good for the soul to to spend time with friends and family for good conversation, bonding, and laughter.
  9. Manage Stress You deserve to be happy! Therefore, allowing stress to get in the way would be unacceptable. Manage stress with diet, exercise, meditation, and anything else that relaxes you, like maybe a cup of tea. If you find that you continue to feel unhappy, you might seek out a Life Coach or professional mental health practitioner. By speaking to a life coach, you can uncover why you're feeling unhappy and what you can do to feel better.
  10. Smile More
    Smiling is contagious! Practice smiling more and see how it affects you internally, as well as those around you. Smiling costs you nothing, but returns such great benefits! Smile, even if you have to force it at first, but after a while, you will likely notice it happening naturally.

By Lisa Addison

Transformational Life Coach

490 PointsSilver

Lisa Addison

/ NLP Certified Transformational Life Coach