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Recent articles in Caregiving

If you’re the parent of a young child, you know how difficult it can be to get your kid to apologize when they have wronged a friend, sibling or playground foe. Let me paint an all-too-common picture. Moms and dads are casually sipping their lattes, chit-chatting on the perimeter of a playground. Kids are playing and having a great time—until they’re not. Two 4-year-olds, Billy and Lisa, have reached the top of the much-loved twisty slide at the exact same time. Lisa (a little ...
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Lauren Roberts Stidger, MS, LPC

/ Licensed Professional Counselor / LPC
      One of the most common misperceptions about partner yoga is that it is for “lovers only.” The practice absolutely offers invaluable tools for life partners, but partner yoga has great benefits for anyone. On the most fundamental level, the practice deepens our capacity to trust—both ourselves and others. We see the value that comes from letting go of our defenses and allowing ourselves to simply relax and be who we are. As we learn to deeply relax, while ...
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Elysabeth Williamson

/ Yoga and Partner Yoga Coach
When something is wrong with me, I like to sleep with my Bible. For some reason outside of my comprehension, it makes me feel better. Foxy Roxy, my Pomeranian, kind of does something similar. She has been sleeping outside of my grandmother’s room lately, watching over her every night. But tonight when I got home, she was waiting for me under my bed. She is that kind of dog, she'll sit with me when I'm injured, overwhelmed, or just in need of something. So it was touching to know that ...
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Stephane Louis, LMFT

/ Licensed Counselor | LGBTQIA / LMFT
So I did something today I never do: I got a manicure and pedicure. While there, I asked the amazing woman who did my nails why exactly people get pedicures. She said, “For two reasons: to make themselves prettier and to clean their feet. And (Bonus reason) it is relaxing…let someone takes care of you.” I had to sit with that for a moment. Let someone take care of you. You see, I am a consummate caregiver, the kind who at times loses herself in the wholehearted pursuit of loving ...
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Stephane Louis, LMFT

/ Licensed Counselor | LGBTQIA / LMFT
Are You Caring for an Aging Parent? We are all familiar with the Baby Boom era when after World War II Americans felt a sense of relief and went on an approximate 18-year-long trip to love land (I mean baby land). Out of that journey sprung 74.9-million babies that came to be known as Boomers. Now, fast forward 60-plus years and our beloved soul-children, hippy-dippy-Boomer dudes have adult children of their own (Millennials). So our Boomers are grandparents and now they’re ...
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Dr. Debra LMFT (MT2416)

/ The Relationship Expert / LMFT
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