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Tracy Becker, LPC

Licensed Counselor & Life Coach
PTSD20 Years
Marriage20 Years
Anxiety20 Years
Depression20 Years
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
My philosophy is that healing happens from the inside out.  It’s about taking a look at what's working and what is not working in your life. It's about how you've experienced your story, not the story itself.  My clients come into therapy for specific reasons, whether it be anxiety and/or depression or other related issues. Once we have a better understanding and control of the symptoms, what we uncover is what they really want from life, their life's purpose. This is when I see clients light up from the inside out.  This is when I know and they know that they are more aligned with their truth. They are on their path, following the that light deep inside them, becoming stronger as they let go of what is holding them back and keeping them unhappy, unpleasant, depressed, angry, and anxious.  I have learned to listen to, notice what is life supporting instead of life negating.  When this happens, all kinds of things begin to shift. This transformation happens fast and it is very powerful!
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      October 2018
      Tracy has been approved by the Success Manager and is ready to take on clients!
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